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Entheon means: a place to discover the God within.  At CoSM, Entheon, now under construction, will be the sanctuary of visionary art. The sculptural ornamentation of this unique architectural design, "one Cosmic being with many faces," points to the transcendent unity of the world's wisdom traditions. New technologies in 3D scanning, modeling and printing will be utilized to bring this vision to manifestation.

The exhibition area will feature work of visionary artists from around the world. The first major exhibition at Entheon will be the art of Alex Grey including all 21 Sacred Mirrors plus over twenty-five of the best loved originals such as Theologue, Cosmic Christ & Net of Being.

The sculptural facade of Entheon will be built 16 feet from the existing brick Carriage House, forming a large atrium, or Narthex at the entry of Entheon. Stepping into the narthex, the visitor will see the Fountainhead sculpture. against the brick wall. Entheon will provide an enduring outpost for the visionary art movement and is being manifested through the donations of beloved friends from all over the world.


Imagine the day you will visit Entheon. Come build with us.

Ways To Be Involved:

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        Donors who make a monthly contribution sustain the vision of CoSM.

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        It takes a lot of angels to build a Chapel of sacred art and CoSM members are those angels. Art can be a spiritual path with Chapel building as the ultimate expression of mystic communion. Become a member of CoSM and come build with us. Membership is $100 for a calendar year.

Offer goods and services.
        CoSM has many needs. Think of what you can offer.
        Our plumber is also a great chef and contributes his talent at Full Moon dinners.
        Professional gardeners and permaculture experts just helped save our fruit trees.
        Beautiful furniture has been donated and more is needed.
        CoSM needs a truck and another good working vehicle.
        Many have volunteered to cook, clean, garden and serve in so many ways.
        Be a part.



CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, 46 Deer Hill Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 - click here for directions 845-297-2323