Dear Allyson,

My name is Howard Clay Porter. I was given an ability that I’m truly concerned about. This ability is unexplainable and beyond this dimension. I could see it and feel in my heart. There was something there — “the unseen.” Only in the last few months have I been able to confirm that there truly is something there. Please know, the piece I’m showing you was created only to be read right side up. Only after the piece was complete, I flipped it. I will not have to explain to you what’s there. Please note that nothing upside down was calculated. Can you help me understand? I’m truly concerned. I believe in truth, eternal, selfless, unconditional love and unity.


 Dear Howard,

Why are you concerned? Has this happened before — completed a painting, say, and then finding that you are concerned about it? Are you concerned about your mental health?

Realizing a subjective inner vision in objective reality — a thought turned into a thing… a painting,say — is great for healing inner emotions and unexplainable states of awareness. Try celebrating your success instead.

If painting “monsters” concerns you, give them space. That is the thing to do with a monster. Consider a hero or mentor and honor them in a creative work, possibly a painting. Then learn all you can about that person’s philosophy and how they work. Emulate that mentor in one or many ways while you are focusing on that creative work. Embedding their positive traits and processes can be positively transformational.

Love and best wishes on your creative path.


PS. Posting your art and looking at the art of others on social media will immerse you in your passion for art and include like-minded friends with feedback. This would evolutionarily spiral your work into the “inner world of the collective.”
Check out the art of Paul Booth, Jake Kobrin and Chet Zar.