This Friday, of 10/13/17 I ingested sacred mushroom medicine. I received a language from source, and you’re the only person I really know or have heard of who is communicating and writing a language down. I’m 19 and am kinda confused haha. My intention is advice.

Much Love, Alana Sadah

Dear Alana,


Thanks for writing.

We are not alone when it comes to the vision of language appearing in our journey. Check out the book Xenolinguistics: Psychedelics & Language by Diana Slattery, a friend that invited me to write the forward of the book. A number of psychonauts report Secret Writing from their journeys and offer their own explanations of the meaning of those languages.

Ask yourself, ” What do I know about the language I saw?” For me, it was the language of symbol makers, the sacred communication of creative expression. Every expression is a symbol. As artist we are purely symbol makers. We all suspect that even animals signal each other with symbols, possibly understood only by  their own species — a sound, a nod or the twitch of a tail could have meaning to community members or their young.

The question is how we can creatively share, in an inspiring way with others, the most profound experiences of our life. Creating evocative music, poetry, storytelling, writing and particularly for us, visual art, has been our recommended path toward completing and sharing our most life-defining journeys.

Great to hear from you. Come to a CoSM event when you can. We will be at all Full Moon gatherings, Celestial events and Art Church where we make art together, practicing creativity as a spiritual path.