A visionary cinema screening of The Connected Universe took guests on the ultimate investigation through the science of interconnection. Is there a way to bind quantum and cosmological physics? Scientist, Nassim Haramein, explains his discoveries and how it could potentially change the game of science forever.

The forces of spin and gravity, according to Nassim Haramein, are crucial to understanding the dynamics of the universe. We are, after all, the universe in ecstatic motion. The film discussed the concept of black holes, claiming its presence in something as small as a proton. Nassim’s calculations of the proton using plank units–the smallest unit of measure in the universe– in theory equates to the current measurement of a black hole. Would this explain the undefined “strong force” in nature? Is the material world the result of the existence of a black hole?

Ideas were charged and questions followed in a live video conference with Nassim himself. He elaborated on his theories providing insight on feedback mechanisms and the future potential of taking control of our own gravitational field.

Live video Q&A with Nassim Haramein

The film was overflowing with beautiful imagery and creative insight. Thank you to Marshall Lefferts for facilitating this wonderful event and special thanks to Nassim Haramein for the follow-up discussion. More visionary cinema to come at CoSM in 2017. Seek out our events for future movie screenings.