“The best way to predict the future is to design it.”  

– Buckminster Fuller

CoSM Visionary Permaculture Winter Update

Its an artfully beautiful winter at CoSM. Squirrels, foxes and deer play in the hoary landscape, a mosaic of snow and bare trees. Reviewing experiences and observations of the past year and casting our vision towards the year to come, its a great time to update maps of your life and land while dreaming into design upgrades and goals for their next levels.

CoSM on Deer Hill : Photo by www.scottcorman.com

CoSM on Deer Hill : Photo by www.scottcorman.com

For a few years CoSM has been observing its 40 acres of holy nature. Identifying plants and trees, noting harvest and flowering times and looking to add new species for all season food, forage, fuel and timber. We have been watching the animals as they pass across the landscape and noting the plants we have or can add for food and habitat either for the animals we love here, or the predators to take care of the pests. Charting the movement of water and wind, sun and shade and noting slope and soil, structures and pathways. We have a long way to go to fill in all the detailed observations, but volunteers and visitors are welcome to join our Visionary Permaculture Mapping Guild and help us continue to co-create this inspiring work. This map can also serve as a template for ways you can start a permaculture map of your own property or garden.

CoSM Visionary Permaculture Map 

Free PDF download : http://gaiacraft.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/CoSM-Visionary-Permaculture-Map-Book-2015.pdf


While the historic temple building of Entheon happens , we continue collecting creative ideas, brainstorms and visions for the future of the CoSM landscape.

CoSM Visionary Permaculture Design 

Free PDF download : http://gaiacraft.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/CoSM-Visionary-Permaculture-Design-Book-2015.pdf


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