Creativity as a human trait is usually relegated to a select few, the creative geniuses of science and art. But creativity is a force fully operating in all of us now. Science tells us that our cosmos flared forth from nothingness fourteen billion years ago. This singularly most astonishing occurrence means everything came from one thing. From an explosive beginning, a staggeringly creative series of events then unfolded. The building blocks of the universe suddenly came into being, from superstring to quark to neutrino to atom, over billions of years evolving to molecule to cell to creature, each phase a momentously original development. Far from random selection, a divine intelligence and artistry appears at the very basis of existence. Now after almost four billion years, with 99.9999% of all previously existent life now dead, humanity is on the effervescent edge of earth’s biological breaking wave of consciousness evolution.
Creativity is another name for evolution. Evolution and creativity are Spirit in action. Fundamental to existence, creativity is Spirit’s voice, the uni-verse, the one song occurring in all phenomena. Every fresh moment contains the possibility to transcend the last. Our divine core, our pure empty witness consciousness, carries the same potential for creation that existed before the beginning of the universe. The force that birthed the cosmos lives as the creative urge in our souls. God created a cosmos in order to evolve beings capable of a conscious relationship with their Creator. Mystics are the most advanced antennae for God consciousness and communication.
The mystical visionary experience is a one on One love affair with our Creator. Merging with Source, a spark of Divine light is ignited within us, empowering transcendence from conventional solutions, toward imagining an original course.
In a breakthrough of transformative visions catalyzed by entheogenic meditative experiences, Allyson and I shifted our creative focus toward manifesting icons of infinite interconnectedness. Nothing seemed a more important subject for our life’s work or had more potential to forward the evolution of consciousness than depicting Oneness with the Divine and portraying our embeddedness in the web of life. After the soul awakens, how does the individual understand and communicate their profound relationship with the All, except through symbolism? Sacred art is theophany, the appearance of God, in manifest form. The highest function of creativity is the revelation of spirit. The deeper we tap into our yearning for creative expression, free from limitations, the clearer a channel we become for the cosmic creative force to manifest. Creation is activated evolutionary spirit. Creation is redemption. Redemption is divine rescue from the transgression of meaninglessness. When art helps those in need of inspiration, it can turn suffering into purpose. Art that is made with the intention to benefit others can become a spiritual practice. Creativity born from the power of love, directly from the soul, is a Sacred Mirror, reminding beholders that each of us is holy and that the world and our universe is a sacred place.

Over a century ago, the psychiatrist R.M. Bucke had a mystical experience that he called “cosmic consciousness.” The characteristics of this brief but life-defining episode included the experience of an inner light; a sense of immortality, moral elevation, intellectual illumination; loss of the fear of death; loss of a sense of sin. In the state of cosmic consciousness, Bucke described the universe as “vividly like a living presence, not made of dead matter.” In his book on the subject published in 1901, Bucke suggested that the experience of cosmic consciousness was occurring with greater frequency as humanity evolved, with notably expanded reports in modern times. The mystic realms reflected in the art of today’s visionary cosmonauts mirror the universe within, and attest to the truth of Bucke’s statement.
Stars are being born and dying in the great nebula, clouds of interstellar gas and dust. Planetary systems are in a state of dynamic flux, developing increasing complexity with the capacity to host life and awareness. The earliest known illustration of a “whirlpool galaxy,” created by Lord Earl of Rosse in 1845, influenced Van Gogh’s composition of “Starry Night,” painted in1889. Science has revolutionized our comprehension of the vastness of the cosmos. An entire genre of “Cosmic Art” developed in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries by artists who consciously aligned themselves with the force that moves the stars.
Realization and alignment with our source activates and empowers our channels of invention
and discovery. Uniting with the nature-field expands the identity of the individual beyond the bounds of body and ego, toward universal Self realization. The word cosm (acronym for Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) indicates a realm or world—microcosm, mesocosm, macrocosm, anthropocosm. The original Greek word “kosmos” refers both to order and adornment. The universe is a harmonious arrangement with a deep and beautiful order. The stars are the ornament of heaven. “Cosmetic,” meaning adornment, shares the root word cosmos. The adorned becomes aligned with celestial order. We put on make-up or wear an amulet to beautify ourselves, for good luck, protection or to connect with spirit. Art aligns the appreciator with the ornamental beauty of the cosmos. Ornament is human consciousness mirroring and expressing the abundance of creative Nature. Divine Imagination overflows with numinous flora and fauna, an endless well of patterns springing from a single paisley mustard seed, spirallically growing, interweaving, disobeying the gravity of death and spreading via the visionary domain throughout world culture.
The inner realms undulate with infinite iridescent swirls and artists of all times, everywhere, labor to express a fragment of the fantastic richness, immersed in the elemental flow of life, the cascade of rivers and clouds, the rhythm of mountains and valleys, the swirl of flames and galaxies. Fractal wave fronts from both inner and outer worlds collide in the art of ornament. The artist participates in the flow of universal creativity that is both the adorning energy and the order of the cosmos.