Dear Allyson,

I am in a committed relationship and wondered what you and Alex may think of keeping up a friendship with an Ex?


Dear June,

When you’ve made the commitment to be loyal to your special partner, sensitivity should be a ground of being. Consider the motives in maintaining or striking up once again a relationship gone-by? If you know that your committed partner is uncomfortable with or jealous of this private, separate relationship with an Ex, are you sure you want to hurt your current partner?

Considering another point of view, different people have different boundaries about this. No partner should forbid outside relationships. Alex and I have touched base through the years with significant high school or early college relationships that were important to us before we met. Sharing with our committed partner the stories and particulars of the call, email or meet-up can smooth out a sense of betrayal. Betrayal is the lowest level of unconsciousness and inevitably leads to unhappiness in yourself and for someone that has mattered to you. As always, communication can transform all obstacles.


Jay & Brandon by Alex Grey

Jay & Brandon, acrylic on paper, 2014, 11″ x 14″
This original watercolor sketch is available now.