As the moon reflects the sun’s light, we too have the ability to reflect on our own luminous nature. The Sun is in Cancer, so the next Full Moon shines in Capricorn on Tuesday, the 19th at 22:57 UTC.

The Full Moon represents a culmination of energy in our psyche. Meditating on themes in current astrology can bring deeper insight to our highest personal truth, with inner guidance surfacing to be expressed and understood.

Cancer, the sign of the Matriarch, brings focus to the inner world; home, protecting our nest, the people or projects we nurture, family, and our emotions. Feelings can run high, including insecurities, bringing a desire for comfort and safety. The influence of Cancer, a water sign, flows like emotions, and fluctuates like it’s ruling heavenly body, the moon. Seeking support of people who care, or being a kind presence for others could be called for and empowered at this time.

‘Hokusai’s- The Great Wave’ remixed by Randal Roberts & Morgan Mandala

Capricorn represents the equal and opposite, the sign of the Patriarch, ruled by Saturn. This ambitious sign represents the highest ideals and achievements to be attained in the outer world. A practical, earth-based sign, Cap focuses on building career, authority, public image, and financial security.

Both signs deal with tradition; Cancer in the sense of honoring the roots of where we come from, and Capricorn, honoring the achievements past of those who have worked hard and made a contribution. Thus, the past reigns in with the Cancer/Capricorn opposition. We may have nostalgia, or be processing or glorifying the past.

The current culture in America is a prime example of this resurfacing of trends gone-by. This influence punctuated by Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, still retrograde until August 13th, churning up all unfinished business to be completed, mastered, or discarded.

With opposing signs, one sustains and creates the other. Without a source of sustenance from the career, the home would cease to be. Without a source of care and nurturance, the provider would cease to be.

This zodiacal pole has been called the signs of the “hardworking parents”. Everything that was birthed in Spring must now be sustained if there is to be a successful harvest in Autumn to survive the Winter. Nature mirrors an inner process that we collectively experience.

Setting Intentions

This moon offers the opportunity to reflect on your your emotional needs vs. your practical ones. What are you nurturing in your home life, and what in the outside world helps sustain it? Are you taking time for self care, while meeting the demands of your career? What kind of presence are you in the home? What role do you play in the work place? What role would you like to play? What is your dream job?

Full Moons are a time to give thanks. When beginning intentions with a recognition of all that has been given, we can envision the lives we wish to build for ourselves by starting with what’s already good.

Full Moon intentions can also be cleansing when done in the 24 hours following the peak of the moon. Cancer/Capricorn gives us the chance to cleanse and stabilize our emotional body. Think of ways to forgive, have compassion, and move forward to build something new or better. Set yourself free from any grudges. Making a conscious effort to release any emotional blockage, or barriers in communication can make life more sweet in both public and personal spheres.

Take stock of the things happening now, and reflect again on the changes set in motion here once the moon becomes new and full in Capricorn this December.

Astrology report by Joness Jones.