The Furthur Bus is back, 50 years after the iconic maiden voyage across America. Armed with state-of-the-art cameras, a new generation of Pranksters under captain, Zane Kesey (son of Ken Kesey) sailed the highways. Covering over 15,00 miles in only 75 days, they captured amazing footage from festivals and landmarks all across the country. The result; a beautiful new film, Going Furthur, chronicling the past, present, and future of this colorful part of our history.

furthurbus at cosm     

CoSM invites you to “Get On the Bus” as we experience through film never-before-seen archive footage, exploring the birth of a movement that started in the early 60’s, and how this spark shaped the revolutionary counterculture of today. Come share in this treasure that hightlights the continued blossoming of the ideals of freedom, creativity, and liberation that ceaselessly unfold and evolve through this movement.