Featured art: ‘New Pioneers’, by Mark Henson

Mercury Retrograde is over – actually, all of the retrogrades are over! For now, anyways. This marks a rare and powerful astrological influence; from January 8th to February 6th, 2017, all major planets are moving “direct”, or forward.

Retrogrades occur when a planet passes us in our orbit around the sun, temporarily creating the optical illusion of it moving backwards in the sky. Astrologers interpret this as a time to pull our focus inward, into the past, and to be cautious when moving forward with new deals or pursuits. Direct motion of a planet means all systems go for the aspect of life that it represents. Typically at least one planet will be in retrograde, so having all planets moving forward marks a time of great universal harmony and flow.

All planets in direct motion, or APDM, comes at the perfect time as we enter into the new year. 2016 was filled with tense astrological aspects that gave us much opportunity for growth and perspective. APDM is our chance to fulfill our plans, and long-awaited ambitions as the “flow of the universe” supports our actions and endeavors that beneficially progress the outside world.

Think synchronicity, connectedness, & harmony. The planets, macrocosmic representatives of  aspects of the collective conscious, are getting along, so could mark a time of getting along with our fellow humans in cooperation to achieve that which creates lasting personal and collective progress. Imagine the best possible outcome for humanity. Be the change you want to see now, and have actions towards this end empowered!

Have you been waiting to commit, or to reveal the “next big thing”? Good news, particularly favored at this time is opening up a business, launching products, creating partnerships or solidifying existing ones through marriage or contracts, making major purchases, hosting benefits, and brings blessings to leaders and those receiving promotions. Now is the time to get the projects you’ve been nurturing out and into the world.

Global Meditation

Tap into the collective and be a part of wielding this positive influence on a global level with a daily meditation, the focus – “World-Wide Peace & Abundance for All.” The Mind Unleashed, and Stillness in the Storm host daily half-hour sessions during this APDM period on Facebook:

“Use this time to visualize your dreams, wishes and intentions as well as visualizing and intending peace and abundance for all. Because Facebook only allows events to take place for a maximum of 2 weeks at a time, you’ll notice that the event says it goes from January 8th-21st. Note that we will create another event on here which will run the remainder of the All Planets in Direct Motion time from January 22nd to February 6th. Here at this link you can find the event. Please share widely and let everyone you know about this rare astrological event who might be interested!”

Article by Joness Jones