Walking the Wisdom Path in the evening, we say prayers of gratitude to the forest. Tiny plants covering the ground, offering us creatures the softest, most exquisite carpet.



Eight hives of bees are so busy making honey and wax, forming comb and tending pupa, that there is only a small group hanging out on the “beard” of each hive where incoming and outgoing bees meet. We have eight new Queens on the property with their busy communities.


Last week one of the hives swarmed.  They elected a new queen and the old queen is here surrounded by her community.  They protect her until the scouts find a new home, within about 48 hours of leaving the previous hive they are making a new hive in the woods.  To have bees return to the wild is part of our goal at CoSM.  Later in the year we will bee making honey!

What’s with the flowers this year?!  Could the bees have anything to do with those perfumed fields of purple and white that we never remember seeing before and that sea of daisies was not growing here last year to our memory.

A sudden damp spell and dead trees fall down and interlock with living trees, now inclining, forming an arch between them. The frogs, crickets and other creatures communicate continually. Living outdoors is where it’s at in this weather.

Visionary Permaculture leader, Delvin Solkinson completed the first Permaculture class of the season, the mapping and recording of the naturefield of CoSM has begun!

At top of property

CoSM Goddess green better
The Goddess of CoSM over map of CoSM Property

The dimensions of the CoSM property relate to the vesica piscis, the archetypal sacred geometric feminine form. This one by two proportion is that of the adult human and perfectly hosts an imaginal goddess. A temple is a vessel for the soul and intuitively a place of pilgrimage relating to the Divine Feminine. Our very first odyssey in life is as separate sex cells toward the ovum. Our existence depends on the success of that journey to the Great Goddess. A sperm and an egg are the only cells in the body with 23 chromosomes. Every other cell has 46. For life to begin, the sperm must travel far at great peril and probable death to join together in Oneness with the awaiting Goddess. A sacred space calls to those who seek Oneness.  An angel once told me, “The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is a womb for the gestation of the awakening human spirit.”  Allyson, the Sacred Feminine in my life, both inspired and named the Sacred Mirrors. The Goddess of CoSM is embedded in this Holy Ground. [excerpt from the soon-to-be released Net of Being, by Alex Grey with Allyson Grey coming November 2012]