Featured Art by Shepard Fairey

Tonight’s new moon in Aquarius tonight at 7pm EST. The 11th sign of the zodiac, Aquarius the water-bearer rules the time in life after we have reached our ultimate ego-achievements as signified by the preceding sign, Capricorn, and move from the public eye into our legacy years. Aquarius puts the focus on personal freedom, and the reclaiming of one’s unique identity in order to be of the greatest service to the whole.

The Aquarian personality is known to be cool and distant, like the isolating qualities of winter that occurs this time in the northern hemisphere. Attributed to the qualities of fixed air, this translates to the sign’s capacity to harness the power of focused thought. Think of an inventor or scientist, holed up in a laboratory. This is the Aquarian archetype; a deep and open minded thinker, gifted with seeing new solutions and perspectives. This sign rules technology, electricity, & advancements in science that better our world.

Traditionally ruled by Saturn, the ruling planet switched to Uranus, an eccentric planet that appears to spin on its side, discovered shortly after the American Revolution in 1781. It is said we are entering into the Age of Aquarius through the grand cycle of the procession of the Equinoxes. Evidence of this can be seen as we make the transition from the religiously-dominant society of the Age of Pieces, into a more techno-centric, futuristic civilization.

Aquarius rules the collective conscious mind. The internet and cell phones connect us to one another in a way never before experienced by our species. Our ability to access information instantly means that we are able to share our advancements in science instantaneously, and calls to mind Aquarius’ highest possibility as the great humanitarian.

The sign of the revolutionary rebel is also the sign of universal brother/sisterhood. The acceptance of eccentricities and diversity is what will ultimately unite us as we live into this new era of life on Earth. Aquarius rules the future, and our mind’s ability to focus and create is what builds the legacy we are crafting for our world in every moment.

Setting Intentions

Even if you are not an Aquarius, you are collectively experiencing this quality of time with everyone else on Earth. The New Moon is a time of nurturing possibilities through inner reflection. Grab a journal, or a clean piece of paper and write or draw with a meditation on where these themes are present and relevant in your life.

Using positive I AM statements in the present tense, you can affirm the best parts of your unique self, as you plant seeds of intention for the presence you wish to fully embody. Setting up an altar featuring the Aquarian color purple through a candle or fabric, gathering aquamarine or  amethyst crystals, and diffusing peppermint essential oil or drinking peppermint tea are Aquarian-ruled options to make your intention setting ritual a more sensuous experience.

Further inspiration can be gained by looking to other astrological influences at this time. We see an alignment with Mars, Venus, & Chiron in Pisces. This combination translates to active social movement in regard to gender balance, and healing suppressed wounds in regards to the masculine and feminine on a mass level. This influence has was active during the time of the Woman’s March, and is aggravated by a square to Saturn; literally pushing up against established social patterns and beliefs.

Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn means there is an opportunity to transform our mind states at the deepest level in relationship to our leaders, and who we elect to lead. A square to Uranus in Aries opposing Jupiter in Libra might point to tumultuous, even revolutionary times as individuals struggle between the balance of partnership, independence, and a sense of justice and equality.

Aquarius rules the 11th House of the Zodiac, the sign of social clubs, communities, humanitarian, and legacy projects. When we put the best part of our egos to use in service to the collective, we can achieve the miraculous. Ask; In what way can I utilize technology to share my unique perspective? How can I express my unique genius? Can I host a group or forum in order to bring greater benefit to humanity? Where is my community, and what is my best offering there? What humanitarian efforts can I contribute to?

Check back on your intentions two weeks from now at the full moon, 6 months from now at the Full Moon in Aquarius, and a year from now, and see how your intentions have taken root or evolved.

Article by Joness Jones.