Dear Allyson,

Here are my two latest paintings for you to check out.
The Buddha is about 80% finished and the alien guy is about 60% finished.
Any feedback would be interesting.

Thanks, peace and love,





Dear Sean,

Thanks so much for sending images of your works in progress.

Sky in the head of an alien is an interesting idea.
Check out Rene Magritte’s versions:



Painting a Buddha is good practice.
Your challenge will be to reveal your uniqueness through a subject that has been well represented. Use references. Study paintings that include aliens, skies, Buddhas, and emulate your favorites. To emulate means to imitate with an effort to excel. Use the best materials you can afford. Love your brushes and you will perform magic.

Self-assignments to consider:
Finish these and do them again — same pieces with new insight and upgraded technical ability. Paint and draw self-portraits and portraits of those willing to sit for you. (Turn on a movie for them.) When you can portray the face convincingly or in a confident style of your own, it will be an attractor for your art.

Both ideas deserve your commitment. Ask for feedback from others you trust enough to share your work. Thanks for including us among them.

Send again when they are, to your mind, finished. Look forward to seeing the unfolding.