“More than an agricultural technology, permaculture is a vision of the societies of tomorrow, ours, which will be confronted with the evolution of energy and climate systems. Permaculture is not only another way to garden: it is another way of thinking about and acting on the world, a global philosophical and concrete change. At the same time permaculture draws together strategies of resilience in the face of imminent radical transformations, if not collapses” – Yves Cochet

With spring just around the corner, new buds hold the promise of a beautiful new year. The CoSM grounds are stirring with life and anticipating a wonderful year to come. Join us this year at CoSM for a transformative learning journey into the power of permaculture to help you life a more effective, efficient and ethical life, saving time, energy and money while living in alignment with your values. Join us at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors this May full moon for a visionary permaculture workshop. https://www.cosm.org/learn/visionary-permaculture/

CoSM Visionary Permaculture

Inspired by their time learning and teaching Permaculture at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Delvin Solkinson and Martin Bridge began to collaborate to create free, open source permaculture learning and teaching tools. Illustrated with Martin Bridges visionary mix of paint and pigments, these can illuminate your wall or classroom.

Here are the first three, available for download at printable resolution as a gift to the permaculture movement

1.0 Axis Mundi : The World Tree : Core Model of Permaculture Poster

The patterns and forms of a tree are found in many natural and evolved structures; an explosion, event, erosion sequence, idea, germination, or rupture at an edge or interface of two systems or media (here, earth and atmophsere) may generate the tree form in time and space. The tree form may be used as a general teaching model for geography, ecology, and evolution; it portrays the movement of energy and particles in time and space.

– Bill Mollison

Inspired by an exercise from Permaculture Elder Larry Santoyo, Martin Bridge and Delvin Solkinson took Larry’s designs into the realm of the visionary, enhanced by Martin’s painting and digital artwork.

If you were to redesign society from the ground up, what elements would you need to have in place? Consider both visible and invisible elements of that system. Integrating the design principle “Make it beautiful” and the spirit of CoSM’s effort to provide the most creative and inspiring model in all their efforts, this learning tool was developed over a number of versions.


This art is being offered freely to any designers, teachers and student who wish to utilize it in their work. This is a gift to the Permaculture Movement to support the evolution of permaculture education worldwide.


3.0 Gaiacraft Permaculture Flower Poster
Do what you love and what brings you alive, first. Find a place where your innate abilities are needed; my own personal prayer for this is, ‘Send me people I can help.’ Then apply permaculture’s ethics and principles to what you are doing to shape it into something resilient and regenerative. There’s plenty of work to be done; find the part of it that you are here to do, that keeps you excited. Don’t limit it to “I must become a teacher, or designer.” Help show that permaculture design can be applied anywhere, in any discipline. Be a model of it yourself.

– Toby Hemenway

Inspired by the original permaculture flower from David Holmgren http://holmgren.com.au/ and the spirited permaculture of Robin Clayfield http://dynamicgroups.com.au/, this Gaiacraft Visionary Permaculture teaching tool illustrates the multiplicity of permaculture’s reach into all aspects of creating a conscious community, culture and civilization grounded in an Ethos of caring.


Free Permaculture Poster Download


Let us act as if we are part of nature’s striving for the next evolutionary way to respond creatively to the recurring cycles of energy ascent and descent that characterize human history, and the more ancient history of Gaia, the living planet. Imagine that our descendants and our ancestors are watching us

– David Holmgren

3.0 Ecological Handprint Poster

One of our greatest hero’s and most epically inspiring permaculture teachers is the maestro Larry Santoyo who once said “lets not embrace sustainability because we fear the future, lets embrace sustainability because we love the things we love about the present”. People of the present are all born into an unsustainable and unethical society which is all but inescapable. We can lower our impact and reduce our footprint, but in a world of billions, the impact that will have on the world situation is nominal. Everyone is empowered to step up to make a difference, to lend their hand be an active part of the solution for our worlds pressing problems. It’s our actions and our contributions that will help turn our situation around. This is why Larry Santoyo suggests you “make sure your handprint is far bigger than your carbon footprint. Worry more about what you are doing and contributing
rather than how much resources you are using”. If more people not only try to live simply and ethically but also become actionaries and solutionaries, lending their head, heart and hands in service to helping care for the planet, its people and our collective future, then we believe that anything is possible, including a healthy, happy and peaceful civilization. 


Free Permaculture Poster Download



Credits :

Visionary Permaculture at CoSM https://www.cosm.org/learn/visionary-permaculture/

Maestro : Larry Santoyo http://www.permacultureacademy.com/


Art : Martin Bridge http://thebridgebrothers.com/martinclarkbridge/

Envoy : Delvin Solkinson http://www.gaiacraft.com/

For those looking for some new edge permaculture media inspiration, every few weeks Gaiacraft releases more in a series of Visionary Permaculture

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