2012 Visionary Permaculture at CoSM

Recently visiting the CoSM land were participants in the new Visionary Permaculture Design certification course. From across North America people have come to study knowledge gathered from the worlds indigenous traditions and modern scientific understandings about becoming more compassionate caretakers of the Earth. For four seasons this group is coming to CoSM to explore the land, identifying and opening up relationships with the plants and animals that live here. As they learn about the ecological design of soil, water, trees, animals and climate they are in a process of meeting the community of the land.

While studying how to design regenerative human habitats in temperate, tropical and dry land environments this class is at CoSM observing the patterns of sun and shade as well as the movements of wind and water across the landscape. As the group explores the grounds they are locating the viewpoints, places of scent, sound and feeling. A CoSM map book documents their findings. The book is in the permaculture wing of the CoSM Library. Visitors and staff can become part of the process and record their observations in the book to help collectively map the land. In the CoSM library you can also find maps of the land, course texts and identification books for the insects, birds, animals, plants, mushrooms and trees of the CoSM Community.

Meeting medicine plants at CoSM with herbalist Dina Falconi

Between seasonal meet ups, participants integrate information from the readings while getting more conscious of where they live. Joining together into a learning guild in all seasons, the group is doing a creative permaculture design for the CoSM property. There is still space in the 2013 Visionary Permaculture course for a new group of people to come to CoSM for a few days each season throughout 2013 to learn permaculture and continue to evolve the map and design project. Contact [email protected]for more details.

Learning about bees with CoSM’s own Matt Dudin

true riches is having something to contribute
having the time to be creative
and being in love with everything again

– Permaculture Designer Larry Santoyo

Meeting mushrooms with Martin Bridge

Photos by Scott Corman, one of students of the visionary permaculture design certification