CoSM Statement - May 5, 2021

We have become aware of certain claims and public communications pertaining to CoSM, and we are addressing these claims privately. We want to express our sincere gratitude to staff and others who have defended CoSM and shared their experiences and their truth. Thank you to the thousands of people from around the world who have joined CoSM in building a sacred space to celebrate the spiritual beauty of Visionary Art. It has always been our intention to serve the creative unfoldment of everyone.

We are artists and works in progress ourselves, doing our best to amplify love and wisdom. The early years of CoSM in the Hudson Valley were difficult and stressful, sometimes with little money but a lot of heart. Everyone came of their own accord and were always free to leave. Each phase of CoSM has brought new challenges, both spiritual and organizational, as we connect with community and prepare to open Entheon. Temple building has been a journey filled with learning, growing and service to others. We will always strive toward being better people, to work as a team and to improve CoSM culture. We are grateful to everyone, and especially to staff who have dedicated themselves to being a part of making a little miracle happen here in the Hudson Valley. 

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CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is a church and a 501(c)(3) organization, supported by charitable donations from the community.
Built with ❤ in Wappinger, New York