The Alchemy of Oil Painting – 5 Day Workshop
with Aloria Weaver & David Heskin

Weaving elemental forces into the materials and mediums of painting turns the art into a talismanic portal into the mysteries of Nature. Synthesizing internal and external subject matter, this workshop presents the opportunity for students to develop a uniquely personalized approach to the practice of oil painting.  Cultivating inner vision and imagination in parallel with the observation of Nature allows artists a broad range of creative expression.

This workshop will emphasize a devotional focus on the practice of painting through meditative concentration both in the studio and outdoors. Traditional mediums took time to create, and it takes focused time to learn the methods and materials of generations of old masters techniques. In these five days, students will enjoy a hands-on approach to the preparation of handmade paints and painting mediums. The exploration will take us through several foundational layers of a traditional painting process, while translating these techniques into a unique means for personal expression.

Presentations and Demonstrations on Traditional Methods and Materials:

  • Oil Painting
  • Mischtechnik & other indirect painting approaches
  • Egg Tempera
  • Underpainting Methods
  • Oil Glazes & Overpainting
  • Color Mixing – Direct & Layered

In this workshop, artists will create small studies upon which to practice the technical aspects of the painting craft, and a more ambitious painting to put these aspects into action.  In a 5 day workshop attendees may or may not achieve a finished painting, but in either case will produce a painting that demonstrates the steps of a layered painting process that each artist can take back to their studios and apply to their original works.

Students are welcome to bring questions related to their own works in addition to the scheduled curriculum. Returning students will build upon the elements that were introduced in other classes, while new students will gain a broad understanding of a diversity of drawing and painting materials and techniques.


Day 1  Foundational Elements: The drawing phase of the painting
Day 2  Underpainting: Traditional methods for developing an oil painting
Day 3  Oil Glazing: Deepening transparency & luminous shadows
Day 4  Overpainting: Creating realistic volume and dimension
Day 5  Finishing Touches


Required Materials:

Pencils & Sketchbook
Brushes & Oil Palette (wood or glass, no plastic)
Two 11×14” Gessobord Panels
All other materials will be provided


David Heskin and Aloria Weaver have each been oil painting for over 20 years, and continue to develop their artistic studies in three distinct art lineages which they synthesize in their original compositions. Essential to their creative process are their own handmade oils and mediums, which trace their roots back to the old masters and cannot be found in art supply stores.

This symbiotic duo travels internationally on an annual basis to exhibit and teach. Their ongoing art pilgrimage has taken them to such places as Austria, Spain, France, Italy, England and Hawaii, in addition to their coast-to-coast presence at a multitude of events and exhibitions within the continental United States.

Over the years hundreds of their original works have been collected while hundreds of students have learned from their dynamic teaching style. In the presence of their art and personal instruction, it is common for people to experience a catharsis wherein tears of joy and profound realizations arise spontaneously.  Their classes range from workshops and seminars to 3-month trimesters at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art in Austria.


Visit David and Aloria online for additional information on classes, extensive online portfolios, biographies and more:

Aloria Weaver

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David Heskin

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