Belly Dancing
with Ashley Enright
Shimmy your way into the sisterhood of belly dance in a stress free environment where you can simply be present, joyful, and connected with your fellow dancers.
With January closing and New Year’s intentions set, this class will draw inspiration from using movement to renew and reenergize those intentions. We will break down proper posture and technique with fundamental belly dance movements adding emphasis on energy and intention into different ways to execute the move. Combinations will be taught that will explore juxta-posing serpentine, fluid moves with sharp accents and heavy beats to convey an emotion; be it strength, silliness, sensuality, sorrow or sass.
This will be a very beginner friendly class. No dance experience is necessary, only a desire to explore movement in a lighthearted environment.
Yoga mats encouraged for a brief opening meditation and warm up. Mats will be available
12 pm – CoSM Opens to the Public
1 pm – Belly Dancing for Beginners
4 pm – End of class session
6 pm – CoSM Closed
Ashley Enright
  Ashley is a belly dance artist and instructor whose path with dance began 14 years ago. For her, dance is not limited to only a performance art but is an integrative form of self-expression, internal transformation and connection. Identifying as a very shy individual she sought to use dance as a tool to get out of her comfort zone and explore ways to become more extroverted and expressive. From the first class on she has been thrilled to be a part of the community always learning, observing and exploring all that dance has to offer. She has studied in many styles ranging from classical Raqs Sharqi, to earthy American Tribal Style and folkloric dances of North Africa, to the contemporary leanings of Tribal Fusion. She teaches regular weekly classes in Poughkeepsie and has been honored to perform at the 2018 COSM Deities & Demons Masquerade Ball, the Mountain Jam festival, has appeared on Serpentessa’s DVD “Belly Dance with Snakes: Embody Your Inner Serpent,” with multi discipline stage performances, with the Coterminous Collective electronic musician collective as well as many community and private events. She is known as a lighthearted and encouraging instructor that is always eager to share in this dance with new students and new friends.

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