12:00 pm – CoSM open to visitors
6:00 pm – Dinner (Register Below)
7:30 pm – Worldspirit Screening
11:00 pm – CoSM closes

CoSM’s Grey House, Cafe, and Shop will be open for extended hours from 6-11 PM on March 10th, the Friday before the Full Moon Gathering. Explore our extensive library of books on mysticism and the arts, sip and snack in the parlor, and contemplate paintings and sculpture throughout the house and grounds.

Enjoy an evening by the fire in the Grey House for a special screening of Worldspirit.

Worldspirit was performed for a live audience on December 12, 2003 at Historic Sweet’s Ballroom in Oakland, California USA. The film is a landmark audio-visual experience featuring poetry and storytelling by Alex Grey, music by electronic composer and violinist Kenji Williams, and multi-screen projections of Alex Grey’s world-famous paintings.

Alex Grey & Allyson Grey in 2003, performing spoken word poetry.

Worldspirit is a prayer
for the realization of our integration
with the web of creation
and for the transformation of our species.
From one gripped in fear and self annihilation
to a species that stands for love,
wildly creative peace and liberation.

Journal or draw if you wish. Bring a friend or two for maximum enjoyment.

“Art can be worship and service.
The incandescent core of our soul.
A glowing God’s eye,
Infinitely aware of the beauty of creation,
Is interlocked with a network of souls,
Part of one vast group soul.
The group soul of art beyond time
Comes into time
By projecting music and symbols
Into the imagination.
God’s radiant grace fills the heart and mind
With these gifts.
The artist honors the gifts of sound and vision
By weaving them into works of art
And sharing them with the community.
The community uses them as wings
To soar to the same shining vistas and beyond.
Translucent wings teem with eyes of flame
On the mighty cherub of Art.
Arabesques of fractal cherub wings enfold
And uplift the world.
The loom of creation is anointed
With fresh spirit and blood.
Phoenix-like, the soul of art,
Resurrects from the ashes of isms.
Transfusions from living primordial traditions
Empower the artist,
Take them to the heights and depths
Necessary to find the medicine of the moment,
A new image and song of the Infinite One,
God of Creation
Manifesting effulgently,
With the same empty fullness
That Buddha knew
And the same compassionate healing
That Jesus spread.
Krishna plays his flute,
The Goddess dances,
And the entire tree of life vibrates
With the power of love.
A mosaic and tile-maker inspired by Rumi
Finds infinite patterns of connectivity
In the garden of spiritual interplay
As the Worldspirit awaits its portrait.”

Worldspirit – Poem by Alex Grey

Alex & Allyson on stage with daughter Zena Grey. 2003

Kenji Williams, composer & violinist of Worldspirit, performing live in 2003.


Dinner at CoSM
Enjoy your Friday night dinner at CoSM; a delicious, healthy meal prepared by the house chef. Vegan and vegetarian options available. RSVP — Reserve a meal ticket in advance. 845-297-2323 x104



The CoSM Store and the Mushroom Cafe will be open.


CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, 46 Deer Hill Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590.