Full Moon Workshop: The Magic of Mushrooms with Martin Bridge

Photograph Magic Mushrooms by Dominik Schön   b66898fdf2e25ce50dea18d6ed08d272

The Kingdom of Fungi is perhaps one of the most overlooked elements in our natural world considering the critical role they play in building and sustaining a healthy ecosystem. The first life forms to take hold on land, they have built and continue to maintain the soils from which all subsequent terrestrial life grows from and depends on. Their significant medicinal and nutritional value is also greatly under appreciated by most.

Chicken of the woods mushroom find.

In this workshop we will explore the fascinating kingdom of Fungi. We will begin with an introduction to Mycology; building a better understanding of these beings, their function in building and maintaining soils, basic cultivation techniques and their potential utility in Bioremediation efforts. We will then highlight a number of species, and touch on some of the other fascinating and mysterious aspects of these beings. We will close our time with hands on demonstration of log cultivation and leave the result of our efforts as a gift to CoSM and it’s residents.


Fly agaric, morel, and glowing mushrooms.


Martin Bridge

   mushroom shrine cosm martin bridge

martin bridge paul stammets mask painting art

Martin is an artist and teacher who lives and creates in the Hills of Western MA. His interest in Permaculture and sustainable design and practice is a strong influence in his artwork and way of living. He has been cultivating mushrooms for seven years and they have a prominent role in his homestead’s design and development. Fungi have even grown into his artwork in the form of Myco-sculptures.
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Tramestes Versicolor, by Martin Bridge


Event Schedule

3 pm – Magic of Mushrooms workshop

6:00 pm – Dinner

7:00 pm – 12 am -Full Moon Gathering



Top mycologist, Paul Stammets, on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world.

Mushroom Varieties

Veiled Lady, photo by Steve Axford

Veiled Lady, photo by Steve Axford

Photo by Steve Axford

Photo by Steve Axford

Amethyst Deceiver, photo by Ressaure

Amethyst Deceiver, photo by Reassure

Photo by Steve Axford

Photo by Steve Axford

Photo by Steve Axford

Photo by Steve Axford

Favolaschia Calocera, or “orange pore” fungus.

Photo by Steve Axford

Photo by Steve Axford

Photo by Steve Axford

Photo by Steve Axford


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