3-Day Workshop: The Magic of Mushrooms
with Martin Bridge & Alex Dorr

The Kingdom of Fungi is perhaps one of the most overlooked elements in our natural world considering the critical role they play in building and sustaining a healthy ecosystem. The first life forms to take hold on land, they have built and continue to maintain the soils from which all subsequent terrestrial life grows from and depends on. Their significant medicinal and nutritional value is also greatly under appreciated by most.

Join us for a weekend long journey diving deeper into the Magic of Mushrooms. We will begin with a fundamental introduction to this fascinating kingdom of life and then from there begin to probe further into their critical role in ecology, food, medicine, mycoremediation efforts,  and look deeper into some of the mystical qualities some of the species posses.  

A major component of our time together will involve exploring the lands of CoSM and investigating the native fungal landscape in a wild foray. We will take time to I.D. connect and study these specimens through observation and artistic representation, experiencing how close observation of individual characteristics of each species is essential for proper identification.

In the close of the weekend we will address and experience different methods of hands on cultivation, outdoors and in the lab and close with investigating a host of mycoremediation techniques and possibilities as a part of this immersive and inspirational exploration.

Martin Bridge

Martin is an artist, teacher and permaculture designer living in the Hills of Western Mass. He has had a fixation with fungi that first spored in 2005. Mushrooms have inspired his work and been a part of many of his artistic creations both in painted, and sculptural forms. He has been cultivating mushrooms at home for over a decade and helping people integrate these essential species into Permaculture systems.
martin bridge paul stammets mask painting art

Visit Martin Online.

Alex Dorr

Alex Dorr is the Owner and Founder of Mushroom Revival, a medicinal mushroom company and the biggest commercial producer of Cordyceps militaris in the western world. Graduate from Hampshire College with a BA studying mycology with a focus on mycoremediation.

Author of the book Mycoremediation Handbook: a Grassroots Guide to Cultivation and Remediation of Toxic Waste with Fungi. Certified in commercial mushroom spawn making, and clean room techniques from Aloha Medicinals. Alex has taught workshops and classes all over the country and has done research all over the world. You could call him a lifer to the wonderful world of all things fungi. Visit Alex’s website.



Check in 4 pm 

Dinner 6 pm – 7  pm

Session 1:
Friday, 8pm-10pm

The Magic of Mushrooms- an introduction to the fungal kingdom. We will begin with an overview of classifications, life cycles, ecosystem roles, history and some of the fascinating aspects of the fungal realm including health and medicine, mycoremediation and other novel functions.

Session 2:
Saturday, 10pm- 12am

A host of Allies – we will introduce a number of species including some of the primary edible and medicinal species found at CoSM and in the region.

Lunch 12-2pm

Session 3:
Saturday, 2pm-5pm

Wild foray. We will comb the CoSM lands to look for specimens to identify return and talk about the species we find. We will also cover processing of medicinal species we will find to make teas, tinctures, capsules and beyond.

Session 4:
Saturday,  7pm-10pm

Deeper into the magic of mushrooms- we will explore some of the history lore and current medical research with entheogenic species. We will then spend the rest of the night rendering the specimens we found earlier on our walk. Close observation of the unique characteristics of each mushroom is essential to identification and we will use art to investigate and to get to know the mushrooms we have found better.

Session 5:
Sunday Morning 8:30am-12pm

Cultivation and mycoremediation

We will cover basic cultivation methods including some hands on work inoculating various materials, including logs and woodchip beds.

Then we will dive into the healing work of mycoremediation – using fungi to clean up toxic wastes. Learn how we can ally with fungi to remediate waste inside and out. Medicine for our bodies and the bodies of mother earth.



Top mycologist, Paul Stamets, on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world.

Mushroom Varieties

Amethyst Deceiver, photo by Ressaure

Amethyst Deceiver, photo by Reassure

Photo by Steve Axford

Photo by Steve Axford

Photo by Steve Axford

Photo by Steve Axford

Favolaschia Calocera, or “orange pore” fungus.

Amanita Muscaria



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Guest Room Photo

The artwork of Alex Grey & Allyson Grey plus many other visionary artists are on display in the guest house.

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