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Embrace 2013 at CoSM with Alex and Allyson

What visions could we further and realize in this coming year? New Years is a powerful transitional time to reflect on how far we’ve come in manifesting our positive future.

Join us at CoSM for a New Year’s journey that will begin by exploring the alchemy of intention setting empowered by our own created imagery. Reflect on your highest purpose for the year and for your life. Make a 2013 sigyl, a magic emblem to remind us of our goals. Using this secret designs on an altar or place of power can provide focus and support. Visualizing ourselves as embodying the heart of our commitment, we will draw a symbol or conception directly from our imagination. Share the collective visionary energy and plant seeds of awakening that will become the soul flowers of your future. Supercharge your most uplifting insights and affirmations for 2013 with spiritual and creative friends.

Then dance ecstatically in peace to the musical wizardry of excellent DJ’s. Ohm in 2013 gazing into fire with us at CoSM. Lasers, fire spinners, food aplenty.

Bring a journal or sketch book and writing/drawing tools.

Empowered by our own creative imagination, we will envision how to activate our highest intentions for 2013.

Years end is a time to reflect on accomplishments and set intentions for the future. We prioritize the results we must deliver in order to be successful in any area of our life and measure the distance we’ve come toward our goals.

Within these past three years, a once rotting retreat center has come back to life. With the devotional energy and imagination of countless supporters, CoSM can now host art and spirit events, retreats and workshops that educate, celebrate and inspire.  The core curriculum at CoSM, Mystic Artists Guild International — M.A.G.I.– has held courses.  Our connectedness with nature is renewed by gazing at the starry sky and walking the newly blazed Wisdom Path in the woods. Those committed to higher vision and ascension through art are called to this work. At the new center, we foster a partnership between creativity and spirituality and get along so we can make something beautiful together.

At midnight on New Year’s Eve, we will toast our community and friends on this journey, the hundreds of volunteers and donors, dozens of staff, advisors and sponsors, thousands of participants to CoSM events, hundreds of thousands of web visitors and online store customers.  From every corner of the world, friends are a stand for building the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

Happy New Year!


Alex and Allyson

Make a year-end contribution to realizing this dream.

Join Alex Grey & Allyson Grey for this historic
New Years Eve – Full Moon celebration

Live Painting
Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

Room of Voices –
Dr. Masgnosis

Narkatta, (Good Looks NY) raised by wolves, picked up the guitar after obsessing over a video of Jimi Hendrix lighting his guitar on fire at Monterey Pop Fest in ’67. Idolizing Jimi, he began emulating him by experimenting with amplification and distortion of sounds with an array of guitar pedals. Combining that analog sound with the digital sounds created by his computer, he began to be known for spinning high energy sets that were not limited to any genre, combining Electro House, Dub, Glitch Hop, and Trip Hop. He started playing local NYC parties and has been known for spinning 6+ hour sets. Now performing on both east and west coasts, sharing decks with such artists as GRiZ, Gramtik, Archnemisis, Jon “Barber” Gutwillig of Disco Biscuits, Andreilien (Heyoka) , as well as spinning for Burning Man Decom parties thrown by Disorient, and Alex Grey’s COSM parties. Some venues he has performed at include Webster Hall, Sullivan Room, Public Assembly, The Delancey, The Electric Warehouse, and Highline Ballroom. Top 5 Nominee for BEST COLLEGE DJ for 2012’s Global Spin Awards in NYC. There never is a party where Narkatta doesn’t whip the crowd into a rabid bass fueled frenzy, spinning for the love of what he does. Modern influences include Diplo, Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, Angger Dimas, Daft Punk, An-ten-nae, Pretty Lights, Flying Lotus, and GRiZ, and classic interest include Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Miles Davis, and the Doors.

Room of voices is a new direction in music and a collective of world sounds. Prepare your mind, body, and soul to take a journey through the multidimensionality of this music. With waves of funk, psychedelica, jazz, world, dance, dubstep and fusion music Room of Voices creates a quest of inner depth to its listeners. A journey through the jungle, a walk into the desert, feel the power and submerge yourself into the illuminating sound waves that Room of Voices presents to you.

The band is a two-piece composed of Mingo Lewis and Karissa Gallo: -Mingo Lewis (drums / vocals / percussion) Mingo is one of the top hand percussionists and drummers in the world today. A music composer for film as well as a musician in the world of jazz, world, funk, rock, afro-Cuban, and fusion music. Mingo has been featured on many gold and platinum albums over the years, with artists such as Santana, Brian Eno, David Byrne, XTC, Billy Joel, Todd Rundgren, Aretha Franklin, Houssain Kili and others. Live performances include James Brown, Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Chick Corea, Al Di Meola, Jeff Beck, Tito Puente, etc. -Karissa Ssapien (keyboards / electronic percussion / vocals). Karissa “Sound Sapien” has been playing music for most of her life and has studied jazz and world music. She has her own voice in music, and sound design, able to change directions musically from jazz to hip-hop and beyond; what Karissa brings to the band is a sound morphing journey into the world of ethno-electronica.

Monday December 31st, 2012 8pm – 3am
$50 Early Bird Price (until Dec. 10)
$75 Online Ticket Price (after Dec. 10)
$100 at the Door
Closing Ceremony with Alex & Allyson at 3am
Tickets include appetizers & 
non-alcohol beverages

Recommendations & Considerations
Bring a water bottle.
 Celebrations and Ceremonies at CoSM are drug and alcohol free.
 If you do not see well at night, consider bringing a flashlight.
 We have 40 acres of land and depending on where you park
 on site you may have to walk in the dark.
 Cigarette butts should be disposed of in the trash not the ground. 
Please do not smoke in front of any of the common entrances.
 There are no shoes permitted in the Grey House. 
Please come prepared to remove your shoes before entering.
 Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to your visit.

CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, 46 Deer Hill Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 – click here for directions

Online Registration will close Monday December 31st at 12pm (noon)