Visionary Permaculture with Delvin Solkinson

Saturday, February 15th, 2014      3pm – 6pm

$65 Full Day Ticket/ $75 at the Door
(workshop, dinner & Full Moon admission)

Gather with a group of conscious learners to explore the CoSM land and ecological community while sharing in a unique and creative introduction to the permaculture metaprogram. 

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”

–   Bucky Fuller

Visionary Permaculture :
Ever imagine how your world could be redesigned? By making changes to your life and lifestyle could you experience more health and happiness, awareness and abundance? In the face of the current crisis, the mandate of modern humanity is to co-create a healthy and harmonic future culture in which humans and nature are living together as part of a symbiotic planetary ecology.


Permaculture is a post-paradigm that looks to the operating system and design principles guiding nature. Utilizing understandings from traditional cultures as well as modern science, permaculture is a design approach for creating regenerative, ecological homes, gardens, farms, parks, neighbourhoods and wild spaces. Applying nature to culture, permaculture also imagines a redesign of the ‘invisible structures’ in society like education, business, governance and economics.

Gather with a group of conscious learners to explore the CoSM land and ecological community while sharing in a unique and creative introduction to the permaculture metaprogram. See how permaculture has been applied to CoSM using design methods that can also apply to your home and community, landscape and lifestyle. This course is suited to those new to permaculture as well as advanced practicioners.

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple”

– Bill Mollison (Originator of Permaculture)

Delvin Solkinson is a permaculture designer from a small coastal rainforest village. Studying and practicing for over a decade has earned him a Certificate, Diploma and Masters Degree with Bill Mollison, the originator of Permaculture. He volunteers at CoSM as Managing Editor of CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture as well as to offer the year long Visionary Permaculture Design Certification program. Delvin has been travelling the world to learn from the different lineages of permaculture, creating a series of free, open source, learning and teaching tools to help reweave the different permaculture traditions together. He has done advanced trainings with many of the masters and maestras of the movement including Rosemary Morrow, David Holmgren, Geoff Lawton, Robyn Francis, the Bullock Brothers, Tom Ward, Jude Hobbs, Larry Santoyo, Scott Pittman, Michael Becker, Toby Hemenway and Robin Clayfield. Delvin is an accredited teacher through the Permaculture Research Institute and a Field Mentor through Permaculture Institute USA and is currently journeying through a Doctoral study in permaculture education, while teaching a visionary permaculture design certificate course at CoSM.

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Thanks to Scott Corman, and  Jonathan Lee for the photos. 

The CoSM Store and the Mushroom Cafe will be open.

Rooms are available  for rent  in Grey House, CoSM’s fully renovated Visionary Victorian guest house.

The artwork of Alex Grey & Allyson Grey plus many other visionary artists are on display in the guest house.

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