Visionary Salon: Mana Prima Painting Workshop;
An Exploration in Creative Freedom
guided by  Aloria Weaver and David Heskin

Saturday, September 27th, 2014     3-6pm  –  7- 9pm

Full Day Ticket  $65 online / $75 at the door

Evening Session only  $15 online (click here to register)  / $20 at the door

Event Schedule:

3pm – Day Session Workshop: Mana Prima Painting Workshop; An Exploration in Creative Freedom
6pm – Break for dinner
6:30 – Doors open for night session
7pm – Evening Session Begins featuring presentations by David Heskin and Aloria Weaver and a Panel Discussion with Alex Grey and Allyson Grey

“7 Chakras”, by Aloria Weaver

Mana Prima Painting Workshop; An Exploration in Creative Freedom

Mana Prima Technique: Day Session

“Unio Mystica”, by Aloria Weaver

No painting experience necessary… This is designed for artists of all levels, from beginner to master! The 3-hour intensive will be comprised of numerous short sessions and periods for reflection. All materials will be provided.
The Mana Prima Technique is literally a hands-on painting approach that allows us access to our deepest creativity by opening the floodgates to our intuitive expressions. By placing the analytical, judgmental processes aside, we are allowed to fully
immerse in the ultimate goal of the artist- directly taking part in witnessing the creation of beauty! An application of pigment spontaneously created with the hands which manifests a primordial, supernatural energy.

“Axis Mundi” by David Heskin and Aloria Weaver

See the Mana Prima technique in action in the videos below;

Mana Prima videos on David Heskin’s Official Site


Through the Mana Prima Technique, using powdered pigments and water, we manipulate the color with our hands, watching novel forms arise and disappear as new ones take their place. It is often said that the journey is more important than the destination, and in this case the statement is absolutely true. As we witness our hands manifesting immediate artistry with this new tool set,creative fluidity becomes deeply rooted in each participant. Combining this practice with specifically tailored music and meditations, doors are opened that offer unlimited access to the world of the inner artist.

In addition to the painting technique itself, we’ll be anchoring positive internal dialogue and re-patterning old blocks into creative fluidity while having a lot of fun collaborating with our hands and our intentions.

Please visit the Artist’s website for more information about the Mana Prima technique.


“Vega” by David Heskin

“Art has the capacity, through beauty, to illuminate the transcendental, sacred nature of human existence, and to expand the otherwise limited perceptions of the material and physical world.   My life is a ceaseless quest to reveal hidden truths… to weave a tapestry of metaphor, myth and archetype into a dreamscape that speaks to the primordial soul.  Painting is an expression of my reverence for Earth and the Living Universe, and a prismatic path to expanded states of awareness.”

Aloria Weaver was born in 1979 in upstate New York.  She began oil painting at the age of 14 as an apprentice to several professional artists at the Buffalo Art Studios of WNY.  She studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, then SUNY at Buffalo.  In addition to the Fine Arts, Weaver later discovered a natural aptitude for the Healing Arts and became licensed as a Massage Therapist through the New York Institute of Massage in 2003.  She is also a Reiki-Master, and practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy I.

In 2013, Aloria Weaver was among the first instructors at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art in Austria.  There she taught the Mischtechnik, which is a process of painting with tempera and oil glazes that was thought to be the secret method of the Italian Renaissance masters, and later revived by Viennese artist, Professor Ernst Fuchs.

Aloria teaching students in Vienna.                                                       “Sahasrara” by Aloria Weaver

After working as co-curator for several small galleries in NY, Weaver relocated to Seattle in 2005, where she met artist, David Heskin.  The two began collaborating together and were later married in 2010.  Along with Heskin, Weaver is a co-founder of the cultural arts organization, Art Spirit Now; the collaborative arts collective, Dreaming Co:nexus; and most recently, the Colorado Alliance of Visionary Artists.

“Four Angels of the Apocalypse” by David Heskin and Aloria Weaver

A Colorado native, David Heskin is an oil painter who looks to the beauty of the natural world for inspiration, in its infinitely subtle and intricate patterns.  Forms in nature become a language expressing the geometry of consciousness at every scale. The spirit of innovation found in nature guides Heskin’s approach to art.  His geometrical and 3-dimensional canvases have propelled his art to new depths, as these paintings transport the viewer into an intriguing interactive experience.  His discovery and instruction of the Mana Prima technique has opened doors to new avenues of expression for hundreds of artists.  Heskin is an instructor at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art.  His art and writing have appeared in numerous publications, including book cover artwork for The First Manifesto of Visionary Art by Laurence Caruana.

David Heskin and his wife Aloria Weaver live and work in Loveland, Colorado, where they are opening a painting studio and gallery in the autumn of 2014.

“Angel’s Trumpet” and “Namastesis” by David Heskin

David Heskin teaching the Mana Prima technique.

“Relativity” and  “Revelation of the Temporal Tapestry” by David Heskin and Aloria Weaver

Rooms are available  for rent  in Grey House, CoSM’s fully renovated Visionary Victorian guest house.

The artwork of Alex Grey & Allyson Grey plus many other visionary artists are on display in the guest house.

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