Universal Mind – Consciousness in a Holographic Universe

“There is obviously only one alternative, namely the unification of minds or consciousnesses. Their multiplicity is only apparent, in truth there is only one mind.” ~ Erwin Schrodinger

Theologue by Alex Grey

“He came to a position as old as civilization itself, though much out of favor in our time: mind and matter cannot be understood as two.” ~ from The Essential David Bohm

“There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” ~ Max Planck

The quotes above express the viewpoints of three of the most well-known physicists of the 20th century. In essence they say that there is only one mind, that consciousness and the material universe are one and the same, and that there is intelligence at the very foundation of the most fundamental physical constructs. While our spiritual experiences and sacred teachings of the ages have held this to be so, it has historically been beyond the realm of the sciences to tackle the “hard problem of consciousness” within the materialistic models of the times. While for many of us our intuitive sense is that mind and body are one, our rational minds often have been challenged to provide a logical foundation for an explanation as to why this is so.

The direct experience of spiritual unity is typically transcendent of our mind’s ability to put that experience into words, and yet the reality of the experience is absolutely true for the experiencer. In the grand scheme things, it seems that the cosmic joke is on us as our logical minds are typically the “last to know” — until now.

Scientists such as Schrodinger, Bohm and Planck — and most who have followed them in mainstream science and academia — were prohibited by the academic climate of their day to delve into this question due to the strict adherence to materialist science. The study of the physical universe must be done free of the presence of consciousness and intelligence within it so as to maintain both an “objective” perspective and a distance from any spiritual or religious perspectives, otherwise one’s career in science could be severely jeopardized.

Fortunately for us, this is increasingly not the case, and thanks to numerous pioneers who were willing to risk their reputations so as to pursue ideas about the nature of consciousness within newly emerging scientific models, we are beginning to have frameworks and evidence for the concept of a non-local, omnipresent field of intelligence — a Universal Mind.

Universal Mind Lattice by Alex Grey

In this Visionary Salon we will look at and discuss various ways in which this concept is being explored within physics, biology, noetics, heart intelligence, nature intelligence and more. Frameworks for our exploration will include:

• The holographic model of Unified Physics and the intrinsic attributes of intelligence and awareness it describes within universal systems

• The experimental research and findings brought forth through the practical studies of the Heartmath Institute and Institute of Noetic Sciences

• The Involution/Evolution model of Machaelle Small Wright’s Cocreative Science coming from decades of research in collaboration with nature intelligence at her Perelendra Center for Nature Research

• David Bohm’s Implicate/Explicate Order theory and proposal that mind and matter are one Undivided Wholeness in Flowing Movement

We’ll discuss these ideas together and ask ourselves such fundamental questions as:

• What is Consciousness, Intelligence and Mind?

• Is there a greater field of intelligence within life around us and how does our human experience of mind relate to it?

• Is it possible to experience the holographic nature of consciousness in our daily lives?

• What is Cosmic Consciousness and how is it becoming “normalized” at this time of evolutionary transformation for humanity

While this Visionary Salon will span a wide range of ideas to stimulate our thinking minds, we will also move into spaces of meditative contemplation and guided visualization so as to evoke our intuitive and direct knowing within the sacred chalice that is CoSM.

And being we’re at CoSM, we’ll also immerse ourselves in the visionary artwork of Alex and Allyson, exploring how the Sacred Mirrors and other of their masterworks provide us visual references for intuitive knowing that is complementary to the understanding being explored through our logical minds. We may even be graced with the presence of Alex and Allyson for an interactive dialogue in the evening session, if their travel schedule permits (fingers crossed!).

I look forward to exploring Universal Mind — Consciousness in a Holographic Universe with you!


Marshall Lefferts

Marshall Lefferts is a lifelong explorer of cosmic geometry, music, the fractal-holographic nature of the cosmos, unified physics, and the one song that emanates in every moment. For 37+ years he has studied and synthesized a variety of pioneering research, including the work of Buckminster Fuller, David Bohm, Nassim Haramein, Foster Gamble and others. He is founder/director of the Cosmometry Project  Board President of the Resonance Project Foundation and core faculty of the Resonance Academy’s Delegate Program, an Associate Producer of the documentary film THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?, a co-founder of the Gene Keys Network and Superluminal Systems, former co-director of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution and consulting producer for the Buckminster Fuller Institute, and Producer of media projects for over 20 years. He has offered numerous workshops at CoSM, including Cosmometry of the Holographic Universe, Tuning the Universe – Cymatics and the Cosmometry of Music, Releasing Your Radiance – Gene Keys Activation, as well as being a regular musical performer at Full Moon ceremonies.



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With Your Hosts: Alex Grey & Allyson Grey


Alex Grey, world-renowned artist, poet, and author, is best loved for his paintings which portray multiple dimensions of reality, interweaving biological anatomy with psychic and spiritual energies. His books, Sacred Mirrors, The Mission of Art, Transfigurations, and Art Psalms, trace the development of his work and mystical experiences that shaped his spiritual artistic life. Alex's most recent monograph, Net of Being, addresses how his art is evolving the cultural body through icons of interconnectedness. www.alexgrey.com


Allyson Grey, artist, writer and social sculptor, has co-written and edited a dozen books and all seven volumes of CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture. Since 1975, Allyson has been artistic partner and studio mate of artist, Alex Grey. With a Master of Fine Arts from Tufts University, Allyson has been an educator and muse to artists for over 30 years.
 Alex and Allyson are the parents of actress, Zena Grey. allysongrey.com Together, the Grey co-founded the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, CoSM, an interfaith church since 2008, celebrating creativity as a spiritual path.

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Guest Room Photo

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