CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture Volume 4

Entheo Art

Entheo art is any creation intended to awaken the God or Spirit within
– Alex Grey and Allyson Grey

This epic volume of the Journal shares work from many visionary artists from around the globe including Fred Tomaselli, Alex Grey, Robert Venosa, Maura Holden, Allyson Grey, Xavi, Luke Brown, Naoto Hattori, Guy Aitchison, Martina Hoffmann, Michele Wortman, Eli Moran, Erial and Carey Thompson. Within are articles on chemist Dr. Albert Hoffman, the Avatar Gathering at CoSM in NYC, Visionary Art and Tradition by Erik Davis, an interview with visionary film director Jan Kounen, a Tool feature.

86 pages of inspired art, articles and photography.