– by Rudolph Steiner

If we observe the earth’s crust and its vegetation correctly, we can see in the crystals, the mountains, the budding and sprouting plant monuments of a living, creative past which is now in process of dying. We shall never understand plant life unless we bear in mind that everything which happens on the earth is but a reflection of what is taking place in the cosmos.


Stinging Nettle Photo : Shel Neufeld www.wildartphotography.com

The essential causes of what happens on the earth do not lie outside the human being; they lie within humankind. And if earthly consciousness is to expand to cosmic consciousness, humanity must realize that the earth is made over long stretches of time, in the likeness of humanity itself. There is no better means of lulling the human being to sleep than to impress upon him that he has no share in the course taken by earth’s existence.

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Art : Alex Grey, Earthmind, www.alexgrey.com

Everything is connected with the inner force of reproduction and growth – everything that contributes to the sequence of generations in the plants – works through these forces which come down from the cosmos.


Valerian and Ladybird photo by Shel Neufeld www.wildartphotography.com


Excerpted from Agriculture : An Introductory Reader by Rudolph Steiner (edited Richard Thorton Smith)