By Eli Morgan


Tipper sunrise set, Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada 2013, photo : James Oroc

The mission of CoSM is to build an enduring sanctuary of Visionary art to inspire and evolve the creative spirit. We see ourselves and the world as a reflection of the Divine. This message resonates deeply with global dance culture, where people on the dance floor are often in the presence of the Divine with a feeling of collective oneness.


Time & Space Festival Mexico City 2012, photo : Eli Morgan

At sixteen, knowing nothing of the artist, Alex Grey, I had a poster of his painting Kissing on the ceiling above my bed. At age eighteen I ran into a copy of the book, Sacred Mirrors at Cody’s Books in Berkley, California and realized, “That’s the guy!” I left for college in New York soon after, and used the book as a touchstone and cultural litmus test to “find the others.”


TRIBE, São Paulo Brazil 2012, photo : Eli Morgan

In 2001, when I was 24, Alex was speaking about his art and life in New York for the Poetry Science Speaker Series. Allyson was there, and Zena was about ten or eleven years old, selling tickets at the door. At that time, dance culture was my community and it meant far more to me than clubbing. Music and dance was my religion.

Traveling the world with Alex and Allyson, I’ve witnessed the uplifting effect their presence has on the dance culture community, which they call the Love Tribe. Visionary and transformative, artists and producers are inspired to new levels of creativity by having this power couple and CoSM as a part of any event.


Eclipse Festival Far North Queensland Australia 2012, photo :

Gathering together in celebration is fundamental to CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, a community that became a church. Dance culture has been a collective awakening for those that hear the call. More then just a party, CoSM events are reported by so many as a spiritual experience.


CoSM New York 2013, photo : Stefanie Catalano