– by Jose Arguelles

It was a warm summer Day-Out-of-Time at the Prophets Conference: 2012 Tipping Point when José Argüelles gave his last in-person public presentation before retiring to Australia to anchor in for 2012.  It was here, in an Anu Totem circle, that Delvin Solkinson and Jacob Aman met with Jose Argüelles and Stephanie (The Red Queen), for an activating CoSMologue. José started by declaring that this interview with CoSM Journal would likely be his last in-person interview.

Jose Arguelles, 1968, Mandala, www.lawoftime.org

The whole universe is a living thing. We have strict divisions between organic and inorganic matter, but what the biosphere shows is that organic matter depends upon inorganic matter, like minerals and water. There is a symbiosis between the organic and the inorganic that actually creates one whole. In that sense, the whole universe is a gigantic living organism.

The universe is constructed of galaxies. People don’t realize that 100 years ago no one even knew about galaxies. Some astronomers observed nebulae, but not until 1923 and ‘24 did Edwin Hubble prove that our galaxy is one of many galaxies out there.  Now, because of the Hubble space craft, we know there are more than ten billion galaxies. The galaxies are like the cellular structure of the living organism: the universe. The average galaxy has more than ten billion stars. Compute ten billion times ten billion and that puts the number over the top. Then figure out how many of these ten billion stars have planets! The galaxies are rotating at tremendous rates of speed. All the stars inside them are rotating at tremendous rates of speed, and all the planets, too! The Earth goes around on its axis at the rate of nineteen miles a second,  but thanks to the relative stability of gravity within the atmosphere, we don’t even notice it. Everything is moving at a really fast rate. The minimum operating unit of the universe system in discussion here is a galaxy. Our galaxy is called the ‘local galaxy’ or the ‘Milky Way galaxy’. We know that the galactic structure has an axis. In cosmic science the axis has two poles. There is a black hole at the center and from these poles there is a continuous plasma issuing out. The whole is a living organism and generates the plasmas that we receive which activate us. The star systems are like the atoms. In each solar system the star is the nucleus, and the atoms going around it are the planets. The whole thing is constructed like that, it’s a really fabulous operation of a fabulous organism.

Humans are cosmic beings. We are living, breathing, eating cosmic entities who are taking in both electronic solar radiation and cosmic radiation. We are recycling the cosmos. The indigenous and aboriginal people knew this at an instinctual telepathic level. Everything that we do is part of that cosmic remembrance. As long as we are in the cosmic remembrance, we are participating in the whole cosmic process. Now we are realizing at a planetary level that we are all one planetary tribe, one planetary organism, that is capacitating intelligence. We will be making our dreamtime circles, growing our veggies and creating our art that will make us feel more connected to the whole cosmic order and the cosmic pattern. That’s where we are evolving to and what we are going back to.

Jose Arguelles, Radiant Man and Radiant Woman, www.lawoftime.org

Jose Arguelles, Radiant Man and Radiant Woman, www.lawoftime.org

The creative human imagination is the cosmos. The brain is a bicameral, bionumeral computer, a hardwire. Mind consists of a number of mental spheres. There is preconscious mental sphere, unconscious, conscious, continuing conscious, super conscious, and subliminal conscious which capacitate the different streams of intelligence. Those mental spheres have no real boundaries. When we open up to the whole functioning of our total mental possibility then there are no limits and the mind opens up to become co-extensive with the cosmos itself. The mind is inseparable from space and space is co-extensive with the cosmos. Where ever there is space the mind can travel. The difference between space and mind, is that space is what you might call an inert medium and mind is a high velocity telepathic medium traveling through that space. The human imagination ultimately is not any different then the totality of cosmic space and it can travel through cosmic space as different telepathic time beams.

The message of the Galactic Maya is that “You are in the wrong time. If you can really understand that, just stop. You can fix your life and make it so much better and realize that there are values that you are missing out on by watching television every night”.

I have gone around for many years pointing out that we are living in an artificial time bubble and everyone’s looking at their watch as I am talking. By living in this artificial bubble we are allowing ourselves to become divorced from the biosphere and live in our little technospheric bubble. Humans are committing suicide as a species and looking like we are going to take the rest of the planet with us. The message is ‘Wake up. This is not the way to fulfill the cosmic life pattern. As attached as you may be to all your material things, it’s really at the expense of the whole system.” People are so locked into these feelings that they need money, need a career, need to be a professional, and because of that it’s a hard rain thats going to fall until we get the message. The hard rain is already starting to fall.

It’s absolutely mandatory that we get back into the natural frequency of synchronization. All our patterns of thinking are jumbled into this Gregorian calendar, mechanical clock way of thinking. That’s the root habit that has to be broken. It is not hard to shift patterns. There is no reason why we can’t just shift gears into a new time, go organic, decentralize, and set up teams to reteach people what it means to live a self-sustaining lifestyle. There is so much creative construction that could occur, it just needs to get coordinated, mobilized and mapped out. This could change the face of the Earth in five years and have a whole new social system in place. The premium in societies will be given to creating art. People are going into a new collective telepathic frame of mind and can do collective art forms and integrate themselves with the natural order. The whole vision I have of a prime moving value of a new society is transforming earth into a work of art. The whole of civilization can be involved in this artistic re-patterning of the social and psychic forms that we have been operating in.

Our spirit has been involved in matter and now its evolving out of matter. Our evolutionary cycle is that we are going to be 51% spirit and 49% matter and that is just going to just keep going up until we finally are completely absorbed into the cosmos as the cosmos.

José Argüelles was the initiator of the Harmonic Convergence global peace meditation, founder of the annual Whole Earth Festival in California, and one of the originators of the Earth Day concept. His work creating a new art culture inspired from Mayan Cosmology has inspired an entire generation of people around the world. Jose passed over to the other side on March 23, 2011. His life and work will be celebrated far into
the future.

Photo : Jacob Aman Jose Arguelles, Stephanie and Delvin Solkinson at the Anu Totem Circle, Simon Fraser University, Prophets Conference 2011 for this innerview

Photo : Jacob Aman www.goldenstupa.org 
Jose Arguelles, Stephanie and Delvin Solkinson at the Anu Totem Circle, Simon Fraser University, Prophets Conference 2011 for this innerview