by Roman Villagrana

My involvement with the visionary art movement has been strictly community based. From “Tribe13” events and traveling galleries to the IAM Interdimensional Art Movements, all my offerings have been platforms for community development. As an individual I have always challenged myself to interlace this message through my art and daily living. I believe art movements have the power to catalyze community and nurture exponential growth. We need to consciously create beyond the regurgitations of our society. Each one of us are access points to the source of the universe and we need a whole community to sustain our creativity.

Roman Villagrana, Heart of the Redwoods, 2012, acrylic, 60 x 30 inch

Art is life, the energy that offers endless possibilities. I take inspiration from the heritage of our vast human culture, past and also from futuristic meditations that art allows me to experience. It is essential to bring art into our lives to reflect our individuality and our culture. I ask all to be conscious of networking with community and supporting individual creativity. Art Movements can be fundamental to community building. We all want to belong to something while maintaining the freedom to be ourselves. Art has the power to bring this forth. Imagine billions of points emitting their light! So, I say rise, synchronize and watch the world harmonize.

Rainbow Tribe, 2012, acrylic, 16 x 20 inch

Roman has represented the harmonik vibration for many linear earth years after a visionary experience. His quest is towards the eternal party at the end of time. For guidance he utilizes art to focus the all-pervading creative force (god). A deeply influential teacher and student of the emerging art movement, Roman gives and receives inspiration from a collective of artists and visionaries along the West Coast and across the world.

Word of God, 2013, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 48 inch