by Leyolah Antara

Over 22 years ago in the central desert of Australia, I had a deep communion with the Cosmic Mother Earth, the divine feminine force of creation. It was then I came to realize that Earth, Gaia Sophia, was a planetary intelligence that I could tap into. Through my breath, intention, and dance, I opened to the Cosmic Mother and she lit me up,  sparking my luminescent body, igniting my inner heart flame and illuminating my consciousness with her creative intelligence.

Photo by Hayley Melrose – All Heart, Healing and Art

In that initial communion, she indicated that the Earth and humanity are in a time of accelerated awakening and purification. Through calling in the serpent power Shakti, the Kundalini earth current, Earth would support us to clear any negative emotions and karmic imprints stored in our bodies and chakras that veiled our true creative potential.

Art : Amanda Sage, Wo-manifest (detail), 2009, oil and casein on wood, 30 x 70 cm,

Collectively, after ages of suppression, silence and forgetfulness, we now integrate our remembrance of the divine feminine as a creative force of life.  Through my devotional intention to serve humanity’s awakening, I have developed a sacred alchemical energy dance practice, which I call Kundalini Dance. In the Kundalini Dance practice we connect to the Earth’s Kundalini energy, her golden core.

By tapping into the Earth’s magnetic energy, we allow the divine feminine creative force of Shakti to flow through our bodies. Shakti is the primordial birther and sustainer of all life, a fluid container of divine feminine consciousness. As we embody the Cosmic Mother through Kundalini Dance, we open to the field of infinite possibility to co-create with her, as we remember ourselves, reflections of divinity.

Shakti longs to merge with the holy father Shiva, the sun of divine consciousness and source of creation. Meeting in unity and balance, they birth the holy spirit and ignite a spark of divine ecstasy in every cell of our bodies. Ecstasy is an alchemical force, a re-birther and awakener. Ecstasy is who we truly are with love at our core.The Kundalini Dance practice can bring us an awareness of the cycles, patterns and behavioral loops that we have been living in. Surrendering our bodies and embodying the cosmic flows of creation, we are beckoned to transform those false, fear based, misaligned egoic aspects of consciousness, redefining and recreating the reality we choose to live. I no longer consider our spiritual work a luxury, but rather a necessity for humanity to make our next collective evolutionary leap. Taking the time for our personal spiritual evolution has never been so crucial.

Opening to the cosmic flows of creation through Kundalini Dance, we purify fear and self doubt, freeing us to be worthy expressions of the cosmic creative essence of life. When we intend to co-create with divinity, our creations serve the evolution of consciousness, the birthing of the newly awakened humanity.

Photo by Hayley Melrose – All Heart, Healing and Art

Leyolah Antara teaches Divine Feminine embodiment programs for women. She created and founded Kundalini Dance which is an ecstatic tantric shamanic dance practice.  Her work is deeply transformative and supports the emergence of life changing shifts in consciousness and the fulfillment of a richer, 
more creatively inspired life.