“The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors will bring you face to face with your soul and move you to a new level of enlightenment.”
Deepak Chopra, best selling author, Director of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing

“After we’re all gone and in 300 years or 500 years, Alex will be a master. He, right now, is a modern master to me,”
Adam Jones – TOOL, lead guitar

“Mr. Grey’s paintings, as detailed and anatomically accurate as medical illustrations, present man as an archetypal being struggling toward cosmic unity…Grey’s vision of a flawed but perfectible mankind stands as an antidote to the cynicism and spiritual malaise prevalent in much contemporary art.”
New York Times

“…it is only Grey’s inquisitiveness, his desire to understand the cosmic metastructure of humanity, that drives him to such a rigorously detailed account of the typically unseen.”

” Alex Grey is America’s foremost psychedelic artist.”
High Times

” Grey’s Sacred Mirrors are portraits of the human being in a universal sense, attempting to address every aspect of the body and spirit.”
Marcia Tucker, Founder and former Director of The New Museum, NYC

” Alex Grey is making some of the most beautifully refined imagist work in the country today.”
Walter Hopps, senior curator, Guggenheim Museum and Menil Collection

” O swiftly spinning 21st century Human! We’ve already missed out on Rumi, Blake, Swedenborg and Gibran, but we’ve been sent a comforter for our time flowering from the same vine. His name is Alex Grey.”
Rebecca Alban Hoffberger, Founder and Director of the American Visionary Art Museum

“It is the light that is sublime in Grey’s oeuvre-which is the most important innovation in religious light since the Baroque (perhaps the last art to emphasize the sacredness of light, as well as its function as an emblem of the spiritual)-and that makes the mundane beings in them seem sublime, in every realistic detail of their exquisite being.”
Donald Kuspit, professor of Art History and Philosophy SUNY at Stoney Brook, contributing editor and critic for Artforum

” Alex Grey’s paintings breathe new life into the deadened soul of modern consciousness. You will find in this work the intensity of someone who is not just doing his own personal art but is consciously participating in the evolutionary unfolding toward a more integral world.”
Suzi Gablik, author of Has Modernism Failed? and The Re-enchantment of Art

” Alex’s work, like all great transcendental art, is not merely symbolic or imaginary: it is a direct invitation to recognize and realize a deeper dimension of our very own being.”
Ken Wilber, Philosopher and author of Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, Director of the Integral Institute

” Alex Grey’s artworks bring together the tangible outer worlds investigated by scientists–full of molecules, bodies and stars–and the intangible visionary inner worlds– full of light, shadow and spiritual beings–known mainly to mystics.”
Albert Hofmann, inventor of LSD

“Alex Grey’s visionary art gives form to what shamans see only with the eyes of the Soul. His work opens portals that allow us to perceive the luminous nature of life and of all creation.”
Alberto Villoldo Ph.D., Psychologist,shaman, author of Healing States

“Alex Grey is seeing with my eyes.”
Timothy Leary, Philosopher and author

“The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors and the work of Alex Grey provide me with something so special that at times it leaves me breathless and awestruck as if God had appeared and provided the art Her-Him-self. ”
Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D., physicist/new alchemist and national book award winning author of many books including The Dreaming Universe,The Spiritual Universe, Mind into Matter, and Matter into Feeling.