By shattering the ‘illusion of separation’, my paintings question and challenge the viewer’s evolution out of ignorance and ingrained conditioning. Through responsible actions and inspiring imagery, my work can inspire others to think/dream beyond their limitations. Portals I create open infinite possibilities of expression and activate ancient memory and re-discovery of our true self and aspiration. My paintings envision narratives that communicate with our wiser self. May we awaken and accept the responsibility for healing this planet now.

Amanda Sage Mushroom Cafe mural. Photo @digenger

The flowering of the Mushroom Cafe, organically unfolding, revealing a visual frenzy, opened flood gates for a perfect storm of new sacred space, a tiny Sistine Chapel dedicated to mycelium in celebration of the undeniable web of life.

I am a lover of adventure and collaboration and so I loved the ultimate invitation posed by Allyson Grey and Alex Grey during a painting workshop. They asked Randal Roberts and myself if we would consider continuing the Mushroom Cafe mural with them. What an honor. It was the first time that we were to all paint together on the same piece, and it was beyond awesome. We each chose a different spot to focus on, put on some good music and went to town, Mushroom town. We were the mushrooms, turning on our light lattice webs to activate this very privileged wall.

This was just the beginning. The mural spread, as good healthy mycelium will, reaching out through the heart rays of Jon Ohia who begin curating more spores of the Visionary tribe. He invited artists to come tap into this special art garden and leave some of their substance to add to this story of the Mushroom Café at CoSM. With many moons come and gone since then, the garden is blossoming into a unique treasure. It is something born of many, something representing the nature of mycelium, and the mico-micro-macro cosmos of our reality. The mural is something sacred, something incredible, something born from a collective dance.

It’s our interconnectivity with All. We are the mushrooming flowers of the great blossoming of humanity, painting with the nectar of our hearts as we commune with the common source of blissful creative genius. This is still just the beginning…

Amanda Sage painting Mushroom Cafe. Photo @jonohia

Amanda Sage uses her painting as a tool for spiritual and planetary growth and transformation. Her paintings represent multidimensional aspects of humanness in harmonious balance, inspiring a re-membering of the energetic inter-connectedness that is present and shared between all things.

In 1997 Amanda apprenticed for 2 years in classical painting techniques with Michael Fuchs in Vienna, Austria. She become a painting assistant for ten years to Ernst Fuchs, artist-founder of the genre of Fantastic Realism. While apprenticing, Amanda developed a style and portfolio as a resident artist at the culture house WUK in Vienna. Since 2009, Amanda has been based in Los Angeles. An influential Visionary Art leader, Amanda has hosted countless workshops, lectured and exhibited world wide. Included in hundreds of private collections, Amanda’s work is also in the permanent collection of the Kirkland Museum in Denver, Colorado.

In 2014, The Amanda Sage Collection, pioneer label of visionary art fashion, launched online with the partnership of designer Shabnam Q. “Wearable visionary art, made with love from threads of light”.

Amanda co-founded the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art [VAVA] and is on the Board of Directors of CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Amanda has initiated painting retreats in Eco-Villages Paradise One in Byron Bay, Australia and PuntaMona, Costa Rica.

Amanda Sage. Photo @jonohia

Amanda Sage teaches an art class at CoSM every year. See more of her work at