The path of a creator is never a straight line. The path is not the act of doing anything. The path of a creator is the realization of being. Through creativity, our inward reflection unfolds its truth into physical form. Moving each day toward knowing who I am, all that I create are the petals of that awareness.

Burgandy Viscosi Mushroom Cafe mural. Photo @digenger

Mycelium, the theme of the Mushroom Cafe mural project, represents the greatest network of communicators on the planet, an elder teacher-web. Visionary artists spread far-reaching ideas that are beyond tangible human experience. To express universal global community, we share our creative meshwork of artistic visions. Together we create works grander than could one artist alone could encompass. For my mural, I created a landscape, reminiscent of CoSM grounds, where mushrooms, beings and sacred symbols live in harmony.

Burgandy Viscosi painting Mushroom Cafe mural. Photo @digenger

Painter Burgandy Viscosi is a native Texan living in Seattle, Washington. Burgandy started painting while on a six-month recovery from a psychedelic death experience. Creatively painting her visual and emotional inner world accelerated the healing process. Devoted as a painter ever since, Burgandy masterfully paints portraits, visionary realms and murals.

Burgandy Viscosi. Photo @jonohia

Burgandy Viscosi paints at CoSM every year. See more of her work at