When love. I decided that’s what I wanted out of my artwork: to tap into that is-ness, to dance and play with it, to love, cry, learn and fly with it. The heart at the core of my work is touching that which cannot be touched, naming that which cannot be named, and expressing the vast ineffable, inexpressible is-ness.

Michael Divine Mushroom Cafe mural. Photo @digenger

In 2012, when only the Joness Jones mural had begun, I added some little people sitting on edges of shelf mushrooms and weaving a column of stars in a swirly bit of clouded sky.

In 2014, when many murals had been created in the Cafe, I had one night to paint at CoSM. The Grey’s offered me a few panels framing a Cafe window. To answer the mushroom theme, simple abstractions called me to frame the window with light in an airy sky. I added small fancies, splashes that contribute their own tiny bit of seasoning to a whirlwind of ideas, juxtapositions, forms and flavors of the ever-evolving collage of artistic revelry that is the Mushroom Cafe.

Michael Divine painting Mushroom Cafe mural. Photo @jonohia

Born in Connecticut in 1976, Michael Divine showed a proficiency in art at a young age. He studied comparative religion, writing, fine art, and art history at Syracuse University (NY) for two years. Having developed a deep appreciation for Eastern philosophy and mysticism, Michael then concentrated and honored more fully his artistic skills and explorations. Articulating his personal evolution, Michael paints archetypes of human emotion their interactive relationship to the world. Considering life an “ever-evolving dance,” Michael’s art promotes “a healthy coexistence with the world at large.” Drawing inspiration from music, art, architecture, and politics, Michael is inspired by Buddhism, Yoga, dance, and meditation. Michael lives in California with his wife Violet where they are “co-creating a happier and healthier world.”

Michael Divine painting Mushroom Cafe mural. Photo @jonohia

See more of Michael Divine’s work at www.tenthousandvisions.com