Many of you know that, for five years, CoSM was a vital center for visionary art and culture in Manhattan that closed in 2009 after finding the perfect site to build the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, a historic 40 acre retreat center in the Hudson Valley of New York. CoSM’s heroic team beautifully restored three buildings on the property, the office, the studio, and the guest house, to hold ceremonies, events and workshops. But sadly, the attraction that drew tens of thousands of visitors in Manhattan, the inspiring installation of art, is still wrapped in storage.

The time has come to bring the paintings back. Our plan is to build a permanent exhibition space for these iconic artworks along with paintings and sculpture by some of the most accomplished mystic creators of our time. This home for visionary painting and sculpture, performance and dance, will be a destination you can visit anytime of year to commune with and contemplate the art, now and for generations to come. That transformative environment will be called ENTHEON, a place to discover the creator within.

After two years of working with the Wappinger Town Planners and the Rhinebeck Bank, construction of Entheon, the visionary art experience, has begun at CoSM. New technologies in 3D scanning, modeling and printing are being utilized to bring this unique architectural design to life.

We need your help to create CoSM’s most ambitious project to date. Estimated cost of construction, complete with all the required amenities of a two-story building (including elevator, bathrooms, parking and paved road with lighting) will be over $1.5 Million Dollars. The bank is offering a loan hundreds of thousands dollars short of what is needed to completely finance this extraordinary sculpture that is a building.

Build Entheon with us by going to the Entheon page and then plan to come and see the temple of art that you helped to build.

Alex and Allyson