Easter, Christ & Creation Spirituality with Matthew Fox

In this episode, Alex & Allyson interview Matthew Fox, an internationally acclaimed spiritual theologian, Episcopal priest, and activist.


Art & Life with Amanda Sage

In this episode, Amanda Sage drops by to talk about all things art & life with Alex & Allyson.


Making Positivity Go Viral with Danny Casale

Danny Casale, AKA Coolman Coffeedan, creates impactful videos that make people laugh, cry and think.


Ayahuasca, Tobacco & Plant Teachers with Jeremy Narby

Anthropologist and world-renowned anthropologist Jeremy Narby about his recent book Plant Teachers: Ayahuasca, Tobacco & the Pursuit of Knowledge.


Connecting SCIENCE & RELIGION with Alex Grey

Tyler James Burger and Alex Grey explore a perennial issue in philosophy, as well as one of the core themes of Alex's work.


The Art of Ideas with Mark Wooding from After Skool

In this episode, Tyler James Burger interviews Mark Wooding, the creator of the popular Youtube channel After Skool.


Allyson Grey on Secret Writing

In this episode, Tyler James Burger interviews Allyson Grey on one of the major subjects of her work, "Secret Writing."


Grace & Grit | Ken Wilber & Sebastian Siegel with Alex & Allyson

In this episode, Alex Grey & Allyson Grey interview philosopher Ken Wilber and director Sebastian Siegel about the recent film Grace & Grit.


Visionary Permaculture | Gaialogues with Delvin Solkinson & Tyler James Burger

Tyler James Burger and Dr. Delvin Solkinson explore the way permaculture design can change the way we think about nature, money, media and economics.


Alex Grey on the Great Turn, TOOL & the Creative Process

In this episode, Alex Grey discusses his latest painting The Great Turn, his collaboration with TOOL, and his creative process.


Aliens & Interdimensional Beings with Alex Grey

In this episode, Tyler James Burger interviews Alex Grey about UFOs, aliens, and interdimensional beings.


The Anima & Animus with Lisa Marchiano

In this episode, Tyler James Burger interviews Lisa Marchiano, Jungian psychoanalyst and co-host of the podcast This Jungian Life.


Psychedelics, Eco-Consciousness & Visionary Art with Alex Grey

This episode is about the sacred interconnectedness with cosmic intelligence that sometimes accompanies psychedelic experiences.


The Psychology of Religious Ritual with David Yaden

In this episode, Tyler James Burger interviews David Yaden, PhD, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.


Martina Hoffmann & Pascal Ferry with Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

In this episode, Alex & Allyson interview visionary artists Martina Hoffmann and Pascal Ferry.


Ask Allyson: Art & Motherhood

In this episode of Ask Allyson on the CoSM Podcast, Allyson Grey discusses parenthood from the perspective of an artist.


Visionary Permaculture: Wise Wording

Learn Permaculture at CoSM with Delvin of @visionary_permaculture for free downloads, books, videos and podcasts!


Kimberly & Foster Gamble in Conversation with Alex and Allyson Grey

In this episode, Alex & Allyson speak with Kimberly & Foster Gamble, creators of THRIVE, a globally-acclaimed documentary.


Chris Dyer in Conversation With Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

In this episode, Alex & Allyson speak with Peruvian-Canadian visionary artist Chris Dyer.


Justin Chancellor of TOOL with Alex Grey

In this episode, Alex Grey talks with Justin Chancellor, bass player for progressive metal band TOOL.


Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater with Alex Grey

In this episode, Alex Grey speaks with Jordan Rudess, keyboardist and composer of the progressive metal band Dream Theater.


Brian Muraresku with Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

In this episode, Alex & Allyson have a conversation with Brian Muraresku, author of The Immortality Key.


The One | Poem by Alex Grey

Clip taken from the October Full Moon Ceremony. You can see the full ceremony here: https://youtu.be/Dc6-AT_IyeY


Visionary Permaculture: The Design Web

With Permaculture Educator, Delvin Solkinson


Stories from the Torah: The Creation Myth with Allyson Grey

Allyson Grey discusses the creation myths of the Torah.


Alex Grey on Connecting Art & Religion

Clip taken from the September Full Moon Ceremony


Caro Arevalo on Mandalas, Plants & Creative Ritual

Caro's art blends together botanical illustration with a mandalic structure, exploring the connection between inner and outer worlds.


Full Moon Ceremony: September 2020


Ask Allyson: Should I Go To Art School

In this episode, Allyson Grey discusses the factors that play into the decision to go to art school.


Alex Grey & Allyson Grey with David Heskin & Aloria Weaver

In this episode, Alex & Allyson interview visionary artists David Heskin & Aloria Weaver.


What is Permaculture?

Visionary Permaculture with Delvin Solkinson


Art Church: Sacred Geometry

Behind the veil of the visible world, a matrix of divine proportions and underlying grids plot the mathematics of biology, space and time.


Ask Allyson: How to Start an Art Practice

In this episode, Allyson Grey discusses the steps necessary to begin an art practice.


ARTheology with Alex Grey: Are Ideas Living Things?

In this episode, Alex Grey and Tyler James Burger explore the metaphor of ideas as organisms.


Full Moon Ceremony: August 2020

with hosts, Alex Grey & Allyson Grey


ARTheology with Alex Grey: The Difference Between Dreams & Psychedelics

In this episode, Alex Grey and Tyler James Burger explore the differences between dreaming and the psychedelic experience.


Alex Grey & Allyson Grey with Swoon

In this episode, Alex & Allyson interview Caledonia Curry, A.K.A Swoon, whose work includes street art, stop-motion animation, drawings and sculpture.


Art Church: Art & Shamanism

Shamanic cultures around the world portray in art and artifacts the interaction of the human and spirit worlds.


Ramin Nazer on Comics, Consciousness & Creative Resistance

Ramin Nazer, a comedian, podcaster and illustrator who has become well known for his vibrant and viral comics.


ARTheology with Alex Grey: Angels

In this first episode of the new ARTheology series, Tyler James Burger interviews Alex Grey on the subject of angels.


Full Moon Ceremony: July 2020

with hosts, Alex Grey & Allyson Grey


Luis Eduardo Luna on Amaringo, Ayahuasca & Visionary Art

Luis Eduardo Luna is a world-renowned anthropologist most known for his research into ayahuasca, and his early collaboration with Pablo Amaringo.


Hannah Yata on Nature, Symbolism, and the Subconscious

Hannah Yata, is a surrealist painter whose work plays with the forms of nature and the feminine.


Celestial Celebration: Summer Solstice 2020

with hosts, Alex Grey & Allyson Grey


Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, & Duncan Trussell

Alex & Allyson talk with Duncan Trussell about being a new parent, visionary art, and his new show The Midnight Gospel.


Sebastian Siegal, Alex & Allyson on Integral Storytelling

Sebastian is a filmmaker, author, and director of the upcoming film Grace and Grit, which chronicles the true love story of Treya and Ken Wilber.


Full Moon Ceremony: June 2020

with hosts, Alex Grey & Allyson Grey


David Rothenberg on Birds, Beauty & Making Music with Nature

Tyler James Burger interviews philosopher, musician and author David Rothenberg.


Amanda Sage on Visionary Experiences and Creating New Futures

In this episode, Tyler James Burger interviews Amanda Sage on the mystical experience and the role of the artist in imagining new futures.


The Chemistry of Oneness with Dr. Julie Holland

Psychopharmacologist, psychiatrist and author of Ecstasy: The Complete Guide, The Pot Book, and Weekends at Bellevue.


Full Moon Ceremony: May 2020

with hosts, Alex Grey & Allyson Grey. Featuring performances by Evan Worldwind, Chef Bliss, Stefan Paolini, & Elisa Toro Franky.


Rick Doblin on the Future of Psychedelics

Tyler James Burger interviews Rick Doblin, who is the Executive Director of MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies.


Tom Roberts on Psychedelics, Education, and the Sacred

Tyler James Burger interviews Tom Roberts, Ph.D. on the origins of Bicycle Day, his new book MindApps: Multi-state Theory and Tools for Mind-Design.


Bicycle Day Virtual Celebration

Featuring, Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, Tom Roberts PhD, Rick Doblin PhD, Amanda Sage, & Dr. Julie Holland.


Allyson Grey on Creating Chaos

In this episode of the CoSM Podcast, Tyler interviews Allyson Grey on her latest work in progress "Chaos".


Art Church: Liberation & New Life

Allyson Grey teaches how to make a sigil. Alex tells the story of his masterwork, "Cosmic Christ."


Full Moon Ceremony: April 2020

Featuring a short guided meditation, performances from past Full Moons, blessings, and declarations.


A Tribute to Terence McKenna

Alex, Allyson & Tyler discuss the legacy of Terence McKenna and his influence on visionary artists and the history of psychedelic culture.


Celestial Celebration: Vernal Equinox 2020

Happy Vernal Equinox! Alex & Allyson lead a guided meditation, blessings & declarations.

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