Aloria Weaver

Aloria Weaver

Aloria Weaver began oil painting in 1993 while apprenticing artists at the Buffalo Art Studios of Western New York. She later studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and SUNY, Buffalo, New York. Aloria holds three artistic lineages: classical realism learned at Loveland Atelier from an alumni of the Florence Academy of Art in Italy; traditional egg tempera and gilding through an unbroken transmission from master to student dating back to Fra Angelico in 1430; and the Mischtechnik (or mixed technique), a process of painting with egg tempera and oil glazes, the secret method of the Italian Renaissance masters, later revived by Viennese artist, Ernst Fuchs.

Art has the capacity to illuminate the transcendent aspects of human existence through beauty and to expand the otherwise limited perceptions of the mundane world. In a ceaseless quest to reveal hidden truths, my art weaves a metaphorical tapestry of symbol, myth and archetype into a narrative of the primordial soul. Painting is a form of meditation, a contemplation of the harmony inherent in nature and an expression of my reverence for the Living Universe.

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