Alex Grey is best known for his paintings which “X-ray” multiple dimensions of reality, interweaving physical and biological anatomy with psychic and spiritual energies. Grey’s visual meditation on the nature of life and consciousness, the subject of his art, is contained in three books. His two monographs, Sacred Mirrors and Transfigurations, follow the history of Grey’s artistic life. The Mission of Art reflects on art as a spiritual practice. Grey’s world renown career includes exhibitions and keynote addresses from Basel, to Tokyo, to Sao Paulo, and features on the Discovery Channel, in Newsweek and Time Magazines. Grey’s art has been used on albums for the multi-platinum bands Nirvana, Beastie Boys, Tool, and String Cheese Incident.

An accomplished visionary artist, Allyson Grey’s paintings invent a symbol system representing chaos, order and secret writing. Co-founder of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York City, is the wife and partner of internationally renown artist, Alex Grey, and the mother of film actress Zena Grey. Born in 1952, Allyson received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Tufts University in 1976. She has edited and co-written a dozen books and journals, taught art at Tufts University, the Boston Museum School and at Omega Institute for 17 years. A leader of a growing community, Allyson has spoken widely at conferences and symposia. She has received several commissions for long-term and permanent installations of her artwork, which has been exhibited throughout the U.S. with many paintings collected by both corporate and private collections.


CoSM Staff — Winter 2024

Back Row (left to right): Luke Magadan, Marc Snyder, Jeff Willson, Torrance Miller, Trevor Cook, Brian James, Perry Kroeger, Brian Zickafoose

Middle Row (left to right): Alexa Spaddy, Sharon Fulcher, Kayla Kronsberg, Genevieve Wood, Katie Smith, Deanna Sweeney, Josie Van Pelt, Yesi Gloribel, Ralph McQuiston

Front Row (left to right): Charles White, John Ciccone, Allyson Grey, Alex Grey, Hilary Astrid, T.J. Squires

**Not Pictured: ** Donald Bolson, Lety Blanco, Keiara Gallodoro, Dariana Walters

Board of Directors

Alex Grey

President, Trustee


Allyson Grey

President, Trustee


Joe Saponare

Chairman of the Board, Technical Advisor

PsiMac CEO

David Bronner

Visionary Leadership Advisor

Eric Dean


Financial & Spiritual Advisor

Amanda Sage

Artist Advisor, MAGI faculty

Chris Ergen

Business & Technical Advisor

Kevin Klein

Legal Counsel

Michael Garger

Health Advisor, MAGI faculty

Chiropractor, D.C.

Eileen Rose

Artist Advisor, Secretary of the Board, MAGI faculty

Stefanie Frank

Operations Advisor

Founder & Director of Eskffnest

Bill Johnson

Spiritual Advisor

Entrepreneur, Film Producer

Leah Forester Johnson

Visionary Fundraising Advisor

Sound Healer, Artist

Council of Advisors

Ken Wilber

Integral Institute

Deepak Chopra

Chopra Center

Rebecca Alban Hoffberger

American Visionary Art Museum

Jean Houston

Foundation for Mind Research

Roshi Joan Halifax

Abbot, Upaya Zen Center

Matthew Fox

Episcopal Priest

J.P. Harpignies

Bioneers Conference Organizer

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