Art Church

What is Art Church at CoSM?

Each of us carry a spark of the Almighty Force of the Universe that seeks expression through our lives and works. We gather as community to activate our creativity as spiritual practice. The Universal Creative Force is the Divine Artist and Cosmos is the evolving masterwork of Creation. When we make art together, a new way of seeing may emerge. As Sacred Mirrors, we reflect and re-inforce the redemptive transformative power of art in each of our lives.

Art Church is free for CoSM Members.

Current Members:

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Future Members:

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About Art Church:

Art Church begins with a wisdom drop on the monthly theme by Alex & Allyson, followed by a group meditation where we create to music. After the meditation, CoSM members have the opportunity to share their creations with the community.

This month's theme is Cosmic Creativity. Be sure to bring supplies for making art and journaling.

Cosmic energy animates life. It’s the universal source… That flows within all creatures, embodying a vital force. Creativity uses imagination, generating unique ideas for art. Problem solving intelligence and alternatives to operate smart. Creativity is cosmic when a passion becomes an expressive force And an artist is committed to sharing connection to Almighty Source. — Allyson Grey

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