Sanctuary of Visionary Art

Entheon means a place to discover the Creator within.

Entheon, Sanctuary of Visionary Art at CoSM, transforms a three-story carriage house into a stunning 12,000 square foot exhibition of the finest original works of Visionary Art, precious paintings, drawings, sculpture and moving image, that resonates with the highest states of consciousness. Inside Entheon, the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors features a cathedral-esque latticework ceiling, ten archangels, and a quartz crystal moat that surrounds each of the twenty-one Sacred Mirrors.

The exhibition inside will open before the building is wrapped in sculpture.

Opening of Entheon: June Full Moon Gathering

Saturday, June 3rd, 2023 | LEARN MORE

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Entheon 2021

Entheon Steeplehead 2020

The Entheon Portal features bronze sculptural doors, a work of art entitled Creating a Better World, by Alex Grey. Artists, Adam & Eve, return to the Garden to paint a new world and harvest the Tree of Wisdom.

Creating a Better World Doors by Alex Grey

Through the inspiring bronze and glass doors of the Portal, you enter the All One Gallery.

All-One Gallery

Original artwork will be exhibited by leading masters of the International Visionary Art Movement.

Mark Henson, New Pioneers, 2010, 108 x 48 in., oil on canvas

Inside the entrance, the World Prayer Wheel, by Alex Grey, may be turned by every visitor, each revolution symbolizing the repetition of the prayers inscribed, “May the Elements Be Purified.” “May Peace Prevail on Earth.” “May All Being Be Liberated.” “Sustain the Web of Life.”

Prayer Wheel by Alex Grey

The Entheon Museum Shop will offer affordable originals, limited editions, Visionary books and posters, and an attractive and eclectic selection of artistic gifts and fine altar objects.

The Psychedelic Reliquary hosts treasured artifacts and ephemera, including the spectacles of Dr. Albert Hofmann and the ashes of Timothy Leary. A shrine inside the Reliquary Room is dedicated to Alex’s artistic collaboration with Grammy Award winning band, Tool.

Chaos, Order, Secret Writing Gallery

A multi-media installation of the Chaos, Order, Secret Writing world of Allyson Grey includes devotionally labor intensive drawings and paintings, her mystic abstractions point to the fabric of spectral light, a system at the foundations of consciousness.

Chaos Order Secret Writing Gallery, Entheon

Allyson Grey, Realms of the Unpronounceable, 2015, 48 x 24 in., old on wood panel

Allyson Grey, Chaos Order Secret Writing, 2009, 10 x 20 in. with 15 x 25 in. gilded frame, ink & oil on wood panel

Progress of the Soul

An unfolding narrative appears in the Progress of the Soul Gallery, featuring Alex Grey’s original masterpieces, Kissing, Copulating, Pregnancy, Birth, Nursing, among others.

Progress of the Soul Gallery

Alex Grey, Holy Family, 2007, 48 x 48 in., acrylic on canvas

Alex Grey, Kissing, 1983, 66 x 44 in., oil on linen

Gaia Gallery

One of Alex’s most beloved monumental paintings, Gaia, a twelve by eight foot masterwork, is on view. Painted in 1989, this visually prophetic work articulates the plight of our environment while also revealing two airplanes headed toward the Twin Towers.

Alex Grey, Gaia, 1989, 144 x 96 in., oil on linen

Alex Grey, Planetary Prayers, 2010, 36 x 80 in., acrylic on wood

The Performance exhibit will host documentation, relics and rarely seen early footage of the Grey’s provocative performance art rituals that led to the creation of CoSM and Entheon.

Great Hall

The mission of art is to make the soul perceptible.

— Alex Grey

The Great Hall will host Celestial Celebrations and the most attended events at CoSM.

The Great Hall, Entheon

On display in The Great Hall are transcendental works including Alex Grey’s beloved paintings, Net of Being (featured by the band Tool), Theologue (meditating figure), Cosmic Christ, and the winged bronze sculpture, World Soul.

Alex Grey, Cosmic Christ, 2000, 50 x 102 in., oil on wood with carved wood painted and gilded frame

Also on view in this mystic gallery are four of Allyson Grey’s most iconic works, the diptychs Jewel Net of Indra and New Order I & II.

Allyson Grey, New Order I, 2019, 48 x 48 in., oil on canvas

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

Entering Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, we stand inside a gothic brick archway and become a living Sacred Mirror. This series of nineteen highly detailed paintings and two etched mirrors, are presented in frames sculpted with the history of humanity and the universe. Viewers are invited to reflect on a vision of the physical body transforming into pure infinite love energy.

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, 2020
Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, 2020

Alex Grey, Psychic Energy System, 1980, 46 x 84 in., acrylic on linen

Alex Grey, Spiritual Energy System, 1981, 46 x 84, acrylic on canvas

Alex Grey, Universal Mind Lattice, 1981, 46 x 84 in., acrylic on canvas

Completions Ahead:

Interior completions include:

Lighting Fixtures Throughout

Cases and Carpentry for Entheon Shop and Registration

Great Hall Audio-Visual

Exterior work to be completed includes:

Brick & Concrete Pathways


Entheon 2020

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To all who have helped make this historic sacred work of co-creation an ongoing success, we join with a growing community in thanking you with all our hearts.

CoSM Staff 2023

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Together we can offer a spiritual creative legacy for generations to come.

Building a temple, the work of a community, is the inevitable consequence of love.

Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

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