David Heskin

David Heskin

An emerging Visionary Art movement is building authentic bridges to a brilliant future with the determination to envision possibilities. A lifelong artist, David Heskin began oil painting in 1995, largely self-guided for 15 David the sought out art teachers of techniques on the brink of obscurity. After studying three master lineages, his original work became an integrated expression of this artistic trinity. Fusing the richness of traditional symbolic themes with the innovative spirit of a modern renaissance man, David lives in service to art and draws forth inviting visions for viewers to bask in the inspirational light of creativity. David teaches with his art & life partner, Aloria Weaver, at intensives on traditional and innovative painting techniques. David Heskin’s artwork is exhibited in museums, galleries, cultural centers, theaters and private collections throughout the world.

For inspiration, I look to the beauty of the natural world in its infinitely subtle and intricate patterns. Forms in nature become syllables in a secret language of consciousness at every scale. Art emerges from this diversity of phenomenal life forms.

The responsibility of the modern artist is to look inward, then forward, and then inward again.

If one’s art is to fulfill an ongoing renaissance in this vast cosmology, its presence must deliver a vision that continues to inspire personal and cultural evolution.

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