Jeff Angelo

Jeff Angelo

My paintings are like portals to others dimenssions, but those dimenssions are not far somewhere lost in the universe, they are here, everyday, so close to us that there is in fact no distance, they are very profound and intricated with us, they are drawing our world of matter. In our daily lives, we just see the surface of a gigantest theater of pure magic, and my paintings show what is behind the curtain, the unvisible world, to reveal the magic. This is just the beginning.

Jeff Angelo is a visionary artist from France, Reunion island. He entered into the spiritual and spychedelic world more than 10 years ago, but he only started to paint 3 years ago. He loves meditation, nature, visionary plants, chamanism, alchimy, quantum physics, and lot of stuff ... He loves to reach states of consciousness where absolutely everything is connected and the knowledges of the universe is like “downloaded” in his being, his paintings illustrates this.

Facebook: jeffangeloart

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