Ka Amorastreya
Photo by, Von Wong

Ka Amorastreya

An artist since childhood, Kathryn June “Ka” Amorastreya, of west Texas, ignited her passion and purpose studying healing arts and practicing massage therapy. Discovering her power to heal and the beauty in helping others, Ka has woven this love into her artwork. She made tools and adornments from elements of nature and started painting at age 22. Revealing powerful visions and creating her own unique language of beauty, Ka also expressed herself as a performer, creating exquisite feathered costumes and ornamental headdresses for her ritual dances at festivals and galleries internationally since 2002. Her work has been featured in US Elle, Paris Vogue, and the Rolling Stone Magazine. Ka is also a founding director of the Visionary Arts Foundation and the Visionary Arts Academy. She now resides in Asheville, recently transplanted from San Francisco, where she spent the last decade.

My art intends to inspire sovereign empowerment through creativity and to reveal the beauty of our world and inner realms. May my art inspire the spirit of curiosity and bring healing and wonder to all viewers. A collective potential to bridge Heaven and Earth through our love and imagination makes us all powerful creators.

Instagram: @kaamorastreya

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