CoSM Journal Volume 8


Community is the ocean in which we swim. We are all products of associations that have shaped the development of our ways of thinking and being. Evolution is inter-subjective. Through conversations with friends we share our values and inner worldviews and discover better ways of being. Communities shaped by higher consciousness and conscience are vital keys to a sustainable relationship with the planetary lifeweb.

— Alex Grey and Allyson Grey

Articles in this Community issue are contributed by renowned evolutionary thinkers including: 

Zen Roshi Joan Halifax, Integral philosopher Ken Wilber, Transition Activist Rob Hopkins, Mark Lakeman, Visionary Women of Findhorn, Wavy Gravy and Hidden Mountain.

This issue’s global journey features the Crystal Waters Eco-Village in Australia, Phantasten Museum in Austria, and Tribe 13 all over the world. 

This volume’s global collection of paintings are contributed by luminous visionaries on four continents including: 

Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, Swoon, Faith Ringgold and Mars-1, Juan Carlos Taminchi, David Hewson, Romio Shrestha, Adam Scott Miller and Roman Villagrana… a rainbow of Visionaries from around the world. 

Explore visionary culture through the lens of community with this special edition of CoSM Journal.

236 pages of awesome art, articles and photography.

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CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is a church and a 501(c)(3) organization, supported by charitable donations from the community.
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